Version 7.6 AvediaServer manager incorporates the new ArtioSign Create App tool for creating digital signage content with an intuitive graphical user interface and functionality drag-and-drop. Also, this IPTV solution provider has also added new features to receivers AvediaPlayer r93xx in version 5.3.

IPTV solutions provider professional end-to-end, Exterity Whose solutions distributes and Spain and Portugal TechEx, Announced the release of version 7.6 of its AvediaServer platform and version 5.3 of its receptors AvediaPlayer r93xx.

AvediaServer to create and manage video footage from network channels, import, edit and configure media assets and manage content for viewing on demand. For its part, the receivers AvediaPlayer r93xx offer advanced video decoding capabilities network through a wide range of resolutions up to 1080p at 60 fps, with analog video outputs and HDMI to adapt to any screen or resolution.

Version 7.6 of AvediaServer incorporates the new ArtioSign Create App tool for creating digital signage content with an intuitive graphic user interface, functionality drag-and-drop and templates.

Update also includes ArtioPortal to change the wallpapers and continue watching one channel while surfing the EPG; in addition to allowing integration with Building Management Systems (BMS), which enables control of lighting, temperature and blinds through ArtioPortal on mobile devices.

In the new version of this manager it has been revamped user interface, giving it a more modern and consistent look, incorporating a set of control icons and apps.

With App Projector Control functionality is managed centrally displayed video content via projectors from AvediaServer 7.6 when used with receivers AvediaPlayer r93xx V5.3. It also automatically changes the source of the content of one or group of projectors, monitoring turn the lamp and filter life remotely through the App.

AvediaPlayer receptors in r93xx V5.3 and AvediaStream Transcoder channel changes below 500 ms is possible.

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By • 11 Nov, 2016
• Section: Control, Digital signage, Distribution signals

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