For recording in the Red Hollywood studios they have been used 24 Fuze Wash moving heads Z120 and another 24 units of the hybrid FLX plus Platinum Beam 5R Extreme bar systems and high brightness LED Colour Colour Chorus Chorus 72 and 48.

Victor Fable has a long career as a lighting designer and director of photography for various television, film and live productions. In addition, lighting is responsible for the series of concerts that AT & T Audience Network television broadcasts this season.

These recordings have received different teams of Elation Professional, whose mark distributed VisualsvisualsFor its production. We used 24 units moving head Led Fuze Wash Z120 and another 24 units FLX Hybrid, plus Platinum Beam 5R Extreme systems and bars high brightness LED Colour Chorus 72 and Colour Chorus 48. A lighting design that has complete with more than 100 devices Elation Professional.

Kinetic Lighting Company of Los Angeles has been commissioned to supply all lighting equipment for recordings in this series of concerts, which took place in the Red Studios Hollywood (California).

"We have enough units recently acquired Fuze Wash Elation Z120 because it offers us the brightness of a device with a single light source and a beam spread, qualities that have not found in other moving heads Wash Led type. Most type Wash moving heads and LED technology offer projection by different LED modules that form concentric rings and in this respect the Fuze Wash Z120 innovates with its distinctive design and light output, "says David Rosen, director of Kinetic Lighting.

The new range of mobile type heads Led Wash Elation Professional, Wash Fuze has two models: the Z120 Z350 and.

El primer dispone de un módulo Led tipo COB (Chip-On-Board) RGBW de 350 vatios de potencia y ofrece zoom motorizado con un rango de 10 a 55 grados de apertura, 5 curvas de dimmer, conectores DMX de 3 y 5 pines y Powercon in y out con un peso de 20 kilos. La cabeza móvil Fuze Wash Z120 cuenta con un módulo Led tipo COB RGBW de 120 vatios de potencia y un zoom motorizado con un rango de 7 a 55 grados de apertura, 5 curvas de dimmer, conectores DMX de 3 y 5 pines y Powercon in y out, con un peso de 10 kilos.

"With Fuze Wash Elation Z120 we offer a visual aspect of the devices on completely different scenario similar to a few years ago, but mantenidneo energy efficiency LED technology offers, in addition to excellent color mixing. These teams provide an attractive visual appearance for recordings with television cameras and worked during this series of concerts excellently, "adds Rosen.

Equipment used:

  • FLX 24
  • 24 Wash Z120
  • 14 Beam 5R Extreme
  • 12 Beam 5R
  • 6 Colour Chorus 72
  • 20 Colour Chorus 48
  • 4 E-Node 8 Pro

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By • 14 Nov, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Lighting

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