To optimize synchronous communications and encourage the development of national and international projects, it has renewed its infrastructure with five teams Avaya Scopia XT 5000, integrating them into the network of existing collaboration. The final project includes the deployment of 31 teams in the regional powers and a team multipoint in the rectory.

National Technological University (UTN) se distingue del resto de centros docentes argentinos ya que es la única institución educativa de nivel superior con organización federal y en su estructura académica tiene a las ingenierías como eje de la vida académica. Desde su creación en 1959, más de 30.000 profesionales han obtenido sus titulaciones en alguna de las 15 carreras de grado que imparte.

The rectory along with its 29 regional powers, an academic unit and the top national teacher of technical teachers are located in the provinces of Chaco, Entre Rios, Santa Fe, La Rioja, Tucuman, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Chubut, Neuquen, santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. In addition, there are numerous branches in all provinces of the country.

The UTN has a geographical spread throughout the Argentine territory and a form of self-government through which each faculty has its dean, cabinet and board, which articulates decisions with the president, his cabinet and the upper and university council, which they act in the rectory.

Academic activities, typical of the undergraduate and graduate research projects and management actions are developed in a cooperative and collaborative between various regional powers and the rectory.

In this context, the leaders of each regional authority must travel frequently to the rectory (located in Buenos Aires) and other venues in the country to coordinate meetings and work on specific projects. This made the university incur high costs of travel, hotels and meals, as well as available days and hours away from their homes.

In order to meet the needs of videoconferencing and facilitate the holding of meetings and synchronous virtual meetings among the 32 locations UTN reducing travel costs, it decided to upgrade its videoconferencing network, acquired since 2000 to various suppliers, implementing a system collaboration and online-based video conferencing solution Avaya. A project that was carried out through its partner Comsale.

“El proyecto requería ofrecer estándares competitivos de niveles de servicios, incrementar la disponibilidad y la calidad de las comunicaciones en todo el ámbito de la universidad. Asimismo, era necesario tender a un nuevo paradigma de comunicación y colaboración que favoreciera la integración de las diversas actividades en la UTN y la relación con instituciones académicas y científicas nacionales e internacionales con las que se trabaja estrechamente en aspectos académicos, científicos y tecnológicos”, explica Andrés Bursztyn, secretario de Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional.

The Avaya platform allows to expand the supply of videoconferencing, have the infrastructure to implement virtual meeting rooms, reduce travel costs, improve opportunities for collaboration among regional powers, and achieve greater agility to accompany new and growing needs the education sector.

"Today we have installed five teams Avaya 5000 Scopia XT integrated network of current video conferencing. The final project includes the deployment of 31 teams in regional powers Avaya, Avaya multipoint equipment in the rectory and its integration with existing videoconferencing network, "explains John Palmieri, ICT secretary of the National Technological University.

Avaya solutions:

  • SCOPIA XT5000 Room System with support for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Scopia Elite MCU 6110.
  • Avaya IP Office 500.
  • Avaya 1608 IP phones.

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By • 14 Nov, 2016
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