In an urban space simulated, this solution Big Data hosted in the cloud, which focuses the management of services and the citizen service, has been seen in the booth that had the company in the SCEWC 2016, where it has been recreated an urban space, whose Council manages all municipal services thanks to its solutions of Internet of things from platform control center Smart City company.

Telefónica attended the 2016 of the Smart City Expo World Congress Edition)SCEWC) of Barcelona, which today closes its doors, with their platform Smart City, from which any local administration can centrally manage all the services that offers citizenship thanks to Internet of things (IoT) and making municipal space efficient, accountable and sustainable.

It's a Big Data hosted in the cloud, concentrating the management of services and solution the citizen service. And so that attendees could see it in operation, the company has been recreated at its stand a city.

The Platform Smart City, based in them standards European of the Internet of the future (project Fi-ware), incorporates a picture of remote control that offers a vision of the city general and by areas, so that receives, analyzes and performs a follow-up in time real of them data generated by solutions built starting from an ecosystem open of different partners, many of them , startups sponsored by the Telefonica Open Future initiative.

These data generated by 'city' in different formats and sources are opened so that entrepreneurs and developers can use them for a variety of purposes, turning it into a great promotion of the entrepreneurship laboratory. The use of open standards allows you to incorporate these initiatives as new services to citizens.

The platform integrates open data portal Open Data, which puts at the disposal of society the data managed by the local administration. Any citizen or company can analyze, reuse and redistribute these data, creating new services and making public administration more transparent (open government) and further the creation of wealth through the intelligent use of resources (smart Government). In the telephone booth, visitors has been able to learn about the operation of a portal of Open Data real as it is Valencia.

City smart

Telefónica provides two different views of a smart city: the City Council, as responsible for the proper functioning of municipal services and the citizen's, beneficiary and active subject, since in this model of organization becomes also collaborator of the consistory in bringing their own initiatives and suggestions for improvements.

The stand of telephone has shown the operation of the table of controls Executive, from which is implanted and handle solutions relating to efficiency energy and sustainability, mobility, tourism and participation citizen.

To get that an administration local is efficient is essential implement the telemetry and the remote management in many of them services. In this way, you can reach for example reduce the cost of lighting up by 25%, with smart lighting solutions or similar savings in the consumption of water with smart metering applications. Also the intelligent management of sewage and urban waste (Waste management) reduces some budget items of the local councils.

In addition, to make the most of these remote management solutions, Telefónica is exploring different types of technologies of connectivity in a complementary manner to the cell, as in the case of Narrowband IoT, focused on devices to adapt to the needs of the market of customers in Internet of things. This connectivity allows high durability of batteries, cost appropriate to the case of concrete application, high coverage and indoor penetration.

In this sense, Telefónica has presented at the stand several services that can improve their performance thanks to this technology, as in the case of the sewers and especially Smart Metering of water, which has already launched commercial pilots offering telemetry in residential water meters.

In an environment in which the citizen seeks a digital and dynamic relationship with the Administration, the Smart City platform acts as a thermometer of the effectiveness of Government measures and facilitates multi-channel communication (web, SOCIAL, mobile, digital signage) with citizenship, establishing e-Government and citizen participation as a basis. By this, incorporates different solutions of collaboration (Citizen Engagement), that allow the communication two-way between the Corporation and the citizen.

The platform also promotes the conservation of natural values ​​of the environment, with solutions that measure air quality, noise levels or the state of the beaches and cultural values, with solutions such as Smart Heritage, which is used to preserve the walls of Avila, among other historical monuments.

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By • 17 Nov, 2016
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