This chain of supermarkets in the Canary Islands has been recognized in the first edition of the awards 'I think culture' by the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (Sgae), to create a space that collaborate in the dissemination of the same through the musical experience.

This initiative of the SGAErecognizes those spaces that are collaborating with the dissemination of culture, in particular with "career and business that use music and culture in general as a differentiator and quality at the service of the various businesses", explains Cristina del Rio, Director of the entity in the Canary Islands.

In this first edition, Dinosol group, with its Hiperdino supermarket chain, has been awarded in the category of commercial establishment "to use music as an identifier element of a business as traditional as it can be a supermarket".

On the concept of innovation this chain has made over the last years (additional information at) Digital AV Magazine), its makers understand music as an important part in the shopping experience, so you have a musical Committee for four years, that meets monthly to select songs that sound the megaphones of their shops, taking advantage of the power that offers the solution iMusic.TV.

This background music system has been developed entirely by Dj3 Networks. Currently managed two musical threads, one for Hiperdino and Superdino, and one for 73 Hiperdino Express shops, located in tourist places and where 90% of the customers are foreign, so here are broadcast musical content tailored to this audience

Developed for the musical atmosphere of business in sectors of food, health, hospitality, etc; iMusic.TV allows two modes of operation: Audio Signage (AS) and Radiostreaming (RS). The first is management real-time content and programming based on geolocation and events; in this way each player has the ability to emit specific music content. In RS mode, the content is shared across the network of centres who tune into this issue, as is the case in conventional radio.

In addition, iMusic.TV can operate autonomously as background music solution or combined with information and advertising solutions for digital displays Dj3 Networks, offering a comprehensive solution dynamic communication for point of sale / service.

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By • 17 Nov, 2016
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Events

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