The new Bell Labs will focus its activity on technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, which will be key elements of the Industry 4.0 and digital transformation in the future.

The new center of Nokia Bell Labs will rely on knowledge and experience in video innovation team in Spain, and develop new platforms and video technologies working with owners and content developers, and entrepreneurs and universities ecosystems.

Nokia Bell Labs Spain will be an active part of the research and innovation company focused on exploring the possibilities that technology provides to humans. It will also be a catalyst for Spanish subsidiary in contributing to developing the European Digital Single Market and the Digital Agenda for Spain.

"We hope this new satellite center for research and innovation Nokia Bell Labs work intensively with the dynamic innovation ecosystem Spanish, including universities, startups, investors, customers, employees and public entities, as well as the global research community," explains Marcus Weldon, president of Bell Labs Nokia.

Nokia has a long history of more than 70 innovation projects developed in Spain, in collaboration with universities and research groups of private companies and public institutions, including the Celtic + 2015 European project, and has about 30 active projects.

Los ingenieros españoles de I+D de Nokia son expertos en tecnologías de banda ultra ancha y vídeo; ingeniería de sistemas para el sector del transporte; soluciones de operación de redes; adaptación en tiempo real y automatización de la calidad de servicio bajo demanda; nuevas arquitecturas de nube; seguridad para el sector de la automoción; y nuevos formatos de vídeo y TV. También están explorando, entre otros temas, nuevas aplicaciones para la Internet de las Cosas, entornos de ciudades inteligentes y dispositivos wearable conectados aplicados a la seguridad pública.

The Nokia innovation team will get a boost with the presence and connection to Nokia Bell Labs, one of the largest research networks in the world, with more than 26,000 active patents and 8 Nobel Laureates.

The new center Bell Labs Nokia Spain will be led by Alvaro Villegas, a member of the technical staff of Bell Labs, which has an experience of over 20 years in video technology and is the author of a large number of patents. Will be responsible for developing the Bell Labs team in Spain and directing projects centers Nokia Spain.

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By • 21 Nov, 2016
• Section: Business, Augmented reality, Simulation

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