Brazilian company income has been using amplification solutions of this company for more than a decade for its events, such as Arraial do Fervo and electronic music festival Helvétia All Night, which took place this year. It also highlights the installation at the nightclub Woods SP.

Barrella events It is specialized in income, production and installation of audio equipment, lighting, projection, LED screens, structures and power generation company. From San Pablo, it operates in the events market since 1992 providing services for conducting trade fairs, conferences, conventions, parades, parties and shows around the country.

Among the stock of products used in their projects, Barrella has amplification Events PowersoftWhich uses from 20014 with various audio systems of brands such as TW Audio, Bose Professional, JBL, DAS Audio and RCF.

"In fact, we have acquired some audio equipment through Audio TW German company and they recommend and sell their systems with Powersoft amplifiers", explains Fabiano Rezende, head of Technical Support Universal Music, Powersoft distributor in Brazil.

Currently, Barrella Events has about 36 Powersoft amplifiers in its stock, including K10, K8, K6, K3, 4004 and 4002 models, which have been used in the events that has done-do this year as the Arraial party do Fervo, Woods SP nocturnal house and electronic music festival Helvétia All night.

Arraial do Fervo

El evento Arraial do Fervo, organizado por la Agencia Haute, fue celebrado en la Sociedad Hípica Paulista en San Pablo, con motivo de las fiestas que tienen lugar todos los años en el mes de junio en Brasil. Fue la primera edición y contó con shows de bandas de música estilo country como Matheus Minas y Leandro & Loubett, y la presentación de la atracción infantil llamada Galinha Pintadinha, en los cuales Barrella y Powersoft participaron ante cerca de 2.000 personas.

In addition to the mounting structure scenario and coverage, lighting and power generators, Barrella provided a sound system TW Audio with 12 speakers Vera 10 plus four speakers B30 and BSX, with an Avid VENUE Mix Rack Console . As for
amplifiers four Powersoft K3 DSP were used within the team TW Audio.

Woods SP
Localizada en San Pablo, Woods SP lleva funcionando desde 2010 y es un local que ofrece actuaciones de música country en vivo y atrae por noche a un público de hasta 1.200 personas, donde ya tocaron las mejores bandas de música ‘sertaneja’ de Brasil. Cuando el club nocturno decidió renovar los sistemas de entretenimiento dentro del recinto, Barrella Eventos fue la empresa encarga de llevarlo a cabo.

In the local system PA and lateral delay composed of 12 speakers TW Audio Vera 10 with two amplifiers Powersoft K3 DSP, four boxes TW Audio B30 with an amplifier Powersoft K3 DSP, a box TW Audio BSX with an amplifier installed Powersoft K3 DSP and two boxes with M10 TW Audio amplifier with DSP Powersoft K3.

The amplifier system is located in a special rack under the stage and the installation of the entire project was used Harmony control software Powersoft Pro Audio Suite. On consoles, he opted for a Soundcraft SI Performance 3 plus a Mini Stage Box.

Helvetia All Night

For its part, the Helvétia All Night festival was held in late July in the city of Indaiatuba, about 90 kilometers from San Pablo, and featured a performance from eight different local and international DJs who performed for 3,000 people.

As part of providing audio system and lighting, Barrella Events used 24 boxes JBL Vertec 4888 (PA), six boxes JBL Vertec (front), 24 boxes SRX 728 for sub and the DJ booth one TW Audio system six boxes Vera 10 plus four boxes B30.Para this time were used three K3 amplifiers with DSP in the system monitor for six K8 sub system.

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By • 22 Nov, 2016
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