The third edition of the event Digital Experience Meeting (DEM), which will be held tomorrow, 23 November, in Madrid, will not only show more than two hundred professionals from the technology industry the latest developments, trends and solutions provided Wholesaler market, but to offer a message of stability and future customers to keep growing and adding value, as says in this interview CEO Caverin | Econocom, Jaime Villanueva.

After forming now part of Econocom, which acquired Caverin a year ago, held the third edition of Digital Experience Meeting (DEM) morning in Madrid. What is the message that will move their partners, channel and customers?

Our goal is to send a message of stability and consistency with what we have done so far in the relationship with our customers, employees and partners. Under our slogan 'Partner & Friend', we want to further strengthen the idea that we all form and compose this great project.

What's new and contributions are to be shown tomorrow DEM 2016, the result of this period working as Caverin | Econocom?

Today we continue to work for a full integration that allows us to develop the portfolio of Econocom and vice versa, under the philosophy of an offer based on pay per use, where we changed acquisition by service. We ensure that companies assimilate such proposals may be updated technologically, despite the constant changes in the market.

Are you going to incorporate new businesses and verticals to your proposal? What about new alliances with manufacturers?

Gracias a Econocom tenemos la oportunidad de desarrollar e implementar el negocio en su rama de Movilidad e IT, donde esperamos un gran crecimiento en el próximo año. En el caso de los segmentos verticales, nuestra estrategia estará orientada hacia la especialización siempre, como explicaba antes, sin perder la coherencia, estabilidad y lealtad que hemos cosechado con nuestros clientes y fabricantes hasta ahora. Respecto a nuevas alianzas, seguimos trabajando en esa línea, tras conseguir en los últimos meses aperturas de cuentas como Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo y Samsung en la parte de movilidad. Éstos y otros serán, sin duda, nuestras palancas para seguir creciendo.

What has been the contribution of Caverin to Econocom and vice versa and how are the prospects for the future to provide valuable solutions?

Econocom gives Caverin financial support for the development of any project, regardless of size or international dimension, its presence in nineteen countries, and the inclusion and collaboration with the other activities of Econocom Group in Spain, as is the part of funding and services that allow our offer is more prepared on the basis of current needs that the market is demanding.

Moreover, Caverin Econocom has completed the distribution part, offering a more flexible structure and a stable customer base and manufacturers in this sector.

And as the financial balance after this first year?

At the level of economic performance, although not yet have final billing data, we can say that the result has been very positive. As I mentioned, the synergies of integration have not yet borne fruit, so we hope that the results are even better when this process is complete.

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By • 22 Nov, 2016
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