A week after the premiere of the blockbuster 'Mars', National Geographic has done the same with 'Back to Mars', a program of Spanish production on the red planet has had the technology mixed reality of this specialist, as well as the collaboration of astrophysicists recognized and astronauts.

National Geographic España It has launched a documentary program own production, called 'Return to Mars, "which aired on the 20th to give viewers all details known as the red planet, from the keys of the failure of the Schiaparelli probe ExoMars mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) and Roscosmos, the Russian counterpart to the details of this mission that is part of the history of exploration of it.

The program has also had the participation of prominent astrophysicists and astronauts and actor Alberto Ammann, who has known the conditions of the surface of Mars through an innovative virtual reality experience developed by the Spanish company inMediaStudio for this shoot.

For this virtual manned trip to Mars, inMediaStudio has assembled a set of recording mixed reality (mixed reality), which combines its expertise in virtual reality technology with physical elements such as a harness system to simulate Martian gravity, red rocks planet or the car this virtual expedition.

Además, ‘Regreso a Marte’ cuenta también con la colaboración de científicos como Neil de Grasse Tyson (‘Cosmos’); Brian Cox, profesor de la facultad de física de partículas en la Universidad de Manchester; Jill Tarter, astrofísica y pionera Seti (Investigación de Inteligencia Extraterrestre), entre otros; así como de los astronautas Chris Hadfield y Russell L. (Rusty) Schweickart; junto con Eric Betzig y Brian Schmidt, Premios Nobel de Química y Física, respectivamente, y Alejandro Cardesín, responsable de operaciones de Mars Express y ExoMars de la ESA.

El documental muestra que si bien se han enviado docenas de misiones a Marte, sólo una de cada tres ha prosperado; una estadística que pone de manifiesto la dificultad que aún supone enviar dispositivos a este planeta y conseguir que lleguen en condiciones lo suficientemente buenas como para enviar datos a la Tierra.

So some of the issues discussed in this virtual manned trip through interviews with world experts and spectacular recreations are how a mission prepares to Mars from the European Space Agency? Is there water on Mars? Was there life at some point? What are the differences between the surface of Mars and Earth? Is it possible to make Mars a land colony?

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By • 22 Nov, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Production, Augmented reality, Simulation

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