Compact and quiet, the NC1000C digital model is designed for use in movie screens up to 10 meters in universities, public buildings, mobile cinemas or rooms without projection booth, to provide optimum image quality and viewing 2K.

The projector NC1000C of NEC Display Solutions Europe is the second generation of equipment that uses lighting technology NSH, particularly suitable for digital projection universities, government centers, traveling cinemas, etc. It also incorporates the latest Integrated Media Server (IMS), a high-performance server that provides greater flexibility for content management, while reducing the number of peripheral devices required.

This compact and quiet system offers optimal image quality, sharpness and viewing 2K, according to Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), in combination with natural colors resulting from the Digital Light Processing (DLP) tool and 3D functions.

Gerd Kaiser, responsible for projection systems NEC Display Solutions Europe, "the cost of ownership, flexibility and efficiency are critical to meeting requirements with smaller screens, and our projector NC1000C fulfills them."

NEC NC1000C easily installed in both the ceiling and floor, and requires minimal maintenance. It has a wide range of lenses, motorized zoom, focus and lens shift to accommodate the needs of the room and facilitates the replacement of already installed projectors. In addition, the Lamp Hot Swapping feature ensures continuous projection and easy lamp replacement.

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By • 22 Nov, 2016
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