With this motto, 'Connected to the future' integrated enterprise Caverin | Econocom today celebrates its event Digital Experience Meeting (DEM) in Madrid, with a clear message for partners and customers: satisfaction with the integration of both companies and adding value the market with a proposal differential pay per use.

La Casa del Matadero Madrid Reader has been the site chosen by Caverin | Econocom to celebrate with a spectacular initial 3D projection and at about two hundred attendees, an appointment with the technology industry at Digital Experience Meeting (THE) 2016, which is the first official act after the acquisition by the French multinational Econocom the Spanish wholesale Caverin Solutions.

And precisely this integration has focused the words of welcome from the hosts of this event: Angel Benguigui, country manager Econocom, and Jaime Villanueva, CEO of Caverin | Econocom and its future projects and commitment to the channel.

"We are an international consulting company, leasing Benguigui- 'He said more than 9,000 employees, of which seven are in Spain, with sales reach three million euros this year, but we needed to complete the range and the solutions and projects, which itself had Caverin and saw in them the perfect partner to start this activity. "

As Jaime Villanueva said yesterday in an interview with Digital AV Magazine, "Integration gives us financial strength and peace of mind to tackle projects, and internationalization, as Econocom has presence in nineteen countries, and diversity of business areas to provide more specialization with a rotunda and a wealth of pay per use, because that will be the future of the market. "

And future plans and growth focus precisely on "developing group synergies of all activities and payment use, both internationally and in Spain, with our partners and provide unique solutions, in addition to Econocom maintain its policy of acquisitions to position us as a very important role in the digital transformation of enterprises actor, "says the head of Econocom in Spain.

Meanwhile, Villanueva called for stability and commitment to partners and customers, "because we are consistent with our past and faithful to the philosophy 'partner & friend' to build a competitive and sum of knowledge offer a large project" .

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By • 23 Nov, 2016
• Section: Events, Training, Business

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