This flexible system facilitates communication from sixteen to twenty four points simultaneously and wide range of videoconferencing HD Visual Communication System manufacturer for companies and organizations that need their employees to collaborate from different remote sites with high quality audio and video.

El sistema KX-VC2000 HD Visual Communication System de Panasonic full range of communication solutions for the corporate market, providing simultaneous video conference from sixteen to twenty four remote points Full HD quality audio and video to ensure that meetings run efficiently and productively without interruptions and sharing content in different formats .

According to data provided by the manufacturer, 70% of the videoconferencing market consists of systems that reach up to thirty points, so the KX-VC2000 model with the characteristics described above and compatible with mobile devices as well as systems from other manufacturers, offers a great business opportunity to improve its market share in this area.

Available next December through the distribution channel of the company, KX-VC2000 represents the most complete solution for organizations requiring a flexible system of audiovisual communication for multipoint connections that guarantee the quality of picture and sound during meetings without delays or interruptions.

Like the other models of the HD Visual Communication System family, this system uses an app to facilitate the participation of multiple individuals connected through mobile devices. It is also compatible with other manufacturers' equipment and ensures that communication flows without annoying pauses by combining the control data transfer rate and correcting the information received with any problems.

Features and components KX-VC2000:

  • A central unit or codec, PTZ camera (various models available) and microphone.
  • Image quality Full HD (1080p - H.264).
  • Standard communication skills sixteen points, expandable to twenty to purchase additional licenses.
  • Connection and mobile device support IOS, Android and Windows through HVDC Mobile app.
  • Screen Layout function for the administrator to configure the screen according to the quantity, size and desired location.
  • Compatible with Panasonic peripherals, such as digital or analog microphones, PTZ cameras and videoconferencing systems from other manufacturers.
  • Ability to use multiple cameras to display still images and other planes.
  • Supports multiple monitors to display the contents received from a computer, camera image and even the user's image.
  • Streaming dual: H.239 (H.323) y BFCP (SIP).
  • Compatible with H.261 / H.263 and H.264 protocols and H.239 dual stream for simultaneous display of contents of the computer and the camera image.
  • AV QoS technology to ensure the stability of the quality of videoconferencing and anticipate the possible loss of data packets of information, controlling the transfer rate to restore data that may be lost during transmission.
  • System optimized to consume minimal bandwidth.
  • Availability cloud service NAT Transversal to build a communication environment without complicated router settings.
  • Three-year warranty on the main unit, camera and microphone.

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By • 24 Nov, 2016
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