Francisco Ramirez, CEO of B2B the company, has participated in the event organized by Caverin / Econocom, DEM2016 to reveal what are the challenges that the retail market faces and passing through captivate the audience through are the innovation.

LG Electronics has participated in the talks held during the Digital Experience Meeting (DEM) 2016, an event organized by Caverin/Econocom your place yesterday at the Casa del Lector Madrid and the latest technological trends through digital solutions were unveiled.

The participation of this manufacturer was represented by Francisco Ramirez, CEO of B2B, who spoke on the image and how this directly affects environments such as retail or hospitality.

"We are facing a challenger as exciting as technological change. We work in an ecosystem characterized by innovation, in a rapidly growing sector and we are transformers of what will come in the future, "Ramirez said.

Innovation is the pillar on which the strategy is based LG to help businesses become part of the digital transformation in which the market is submerged.

Today, 40% of companies are working or are already digital and is expected that by 2017 the 85% is "and do not tend to disappear. From LG, the first manufacturer of displays and panels worldwide, we are obliged to help them go digital ".

LG is assisting in this transformation through its technology, offering visual supports that respond to different business environments. For the job, LG helps provide greater effectiveness and productivity with panoramic screens and twenty-one ninths (21: 9), "with dynamic, modern and robust media".

For the retail environment offers ultra narrow "displays that offer great impact and capture the attention of the audience. In stores, the large format is not the option, remove space. Moreover, OLED has changed conceptuality when communicating because it allows duplex communication.

For the field of hospitality applications, LG offers integrated communications ecosystem "that connects the customer with the hotel, so that from the guest enters the property until it reaches the room is constant communication and quality".

Partner Ecosystem

"The future of LG spends a growth based on innovation, working with partners, listening to users and, especially, teaming" sums Francisco Ramirez.

And the pillar of its strategy is a policy of alliances with third parties to help them create a digital ecosystem response to market needs. In this ecosystem are content partners, "because if there is no technology content", measurement, integration, "help us to export our solutions and even financing."

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By • 24 Nov, 2016
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Events, Business

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