The experience of the Barclays ATP World Tour, offered by its partner technology services Infosys, the end has been tested successfully and the world premiere thanks to the collaboration between these companies and Sony Professional Solutions Europe, which has provided interactive stations Playstation VR so fans will enter a virtual environment and surround tennis.

The collaboration between ATP, ATP Media, Infosys (Partner of global technology services ATP World Tour) and Sony Professional Solutions Europe has resulted visitors to the fan zone of the O2 Arena in London live in first person and the world premiere Finals Barclays ATP World Tour tennis in a unique way to display and dimension in interactive stations PlayStation VR.

An experience that has been achieved thanks to the technological integration of these companies with the device features Sony camera monitoring and control, leading to another level of interactivity while viewing sports, combining images of the actual track, relay television and virtual environments.

Data and displays Infosys and Hawk-Eye provide more detailed information as the game unfolds, while fans can also participate with the inclusion of social networking streams MyATP (now in Vixlet).

For the director of technology and broadcasting ATP Media, Shane Warden, "PlayStation VR is an amazing product and we knew that would help us achieve this goal. We wanted to reproduce the feeling of being there and create an enhanced experience that allowed fans dive and interact with the finals on the screen in a way never seen before. "

Chris Mark Kermode, CEO and president of the ATP, said "we are looking forward to unveil this pioneering technology to finish the season at the O2 and offer an exciting new way to live our sport through new technologies to attract the next generation fans. "

The incorporation of virtual reality tennis with this solution "provides an opportunity to expand human potential not only in terms of a new dimension of viewing and understanding of the game, with ratings in view of virtual reality immersive the game, but also to contribute players statistical data and analysis they need to increase their performance, "adds UB Pravin, operational manager of Infosys.

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By • 24 Nov, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Display, Events, Production, Augmented reality

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