To give life to a digital character that interacts in the work with real people, they have captured the movements and facial expressions of the actor directly on stage. The technology has been developed by The Imaginarium Studios and powered by Intel processors.

La Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) Together Intel and The Imaginarium StudiosThey have created 'The Tempest', a production based on the work of William Shakespeare that uses innovative technologies to offer an avant-garde theatrical experience.

"Together, we have created interactions between the human and the digital transmitting the maximum realism and immerse viewers in a live setting, the hand of a theater company that has always been at the forefront of the most radical experiment," explains Penny Baldwin, vice president of Global Marketing and Communications Group, Intel.

The technology developed by The Imaginarium Studios (performance capture), powered by Intel processors, takes the audience on a journey in which technologies capture the action allow you to render a character so fully digital, in this case the elf Ariel, in live and directly on stage at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

This ability to render all digital environment in real time, in this case an avatar, eliminates the need to produce all the action in advance and then project it onto the stage. At the same time, this reinforces the atmosphere of spontaneity that characterizes the live performances.

This technology captures the movements and facial expressions of the actor, in order to ensure that all the actor's performance is reproduced in the digital character.

CSR, Intel and Imaginarium Studios have invested more than a year of research in order to make possible digital avatars, rendered in real and able to interact with real actors time.

Directed by Gregory Doran, artistic director of the RSC; Simon Russell Beale, RSC associate artist in the role of Prospero; and Stephen Brimson Lewis designed by Design Director of CSR, this collaboration combines the expertise of CSR in the world of theater with digital innovation of The Imaginarium Studios and Intel experience in technological innovation.

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By • 25 Nov, 2016
• Section: Production, Projection, Simulation

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