To implement this technology, it has adopted the amplifier IpalMod hardware module, which overcomes the limitations of traditional transducers to produce optimal output at low frequencies.

The Italian specialist speakers Eighteen Sound It has designed its new Series iD transducer adapted to the Differential Pressure Control (DPC) Powersoft, Innovative core technology IPAL (Integrated adaptive powered amplified loudspeaker or adaptable integrated speaker).

To implement this technology, Eighteen Sound has adopted the module hardware Powersoft amplifier, IpalMod, which overcomes the limitations of traditional transducers to produce optimal output at low frequencies. This is achieved by submitting a feedback pressure sensor zero-latency, real-time correction applied to maximize transducers 18 and 21 inches high efficiency Eighteen Sound.

Powersoft IPAL provides a dedicated low frequency system that integrates a switching mode amplifier module in high performance and high power of 8.5 kW (IpalMod) with elec-trodinámicos transducers ultra high driving force, the 18iD and 21iD Eighteen speakers Sound.

"The Powersoft IPAL technology allows system designers to achieve a seemingly impossible mission. The operation of the transducer and amplifier module, enhanced by the equally surprising integration of each component via feedback control in real time IPAL, creates an incredible sound, "says Giacomo Previ, director of Sales and Marketing Eighteen Sound.

Both transducers compatible with IPAL are rated 2 Ohms. To fully integrate it with IPAL system and optimize the performance, a pair of each model should be connected in parallel with a combined IpalMod amplifier module.

“Eighteen Sound es la segunda empresa de drivers en invertir en nuestra tecnología patentada. Los sistemas de altavoces/amplificador basados en iPAL ofrecen performance acústica sin precedentes y control completo de la reproducción sonora del sistema. IPAL e IpalMod traen muchos beneficios, mejorando la eficiencia electroacústica en términos de SPL alto y funcionamiento sónico. Además, el sistema IPAL asegura performance de transductor consistente a lo largo de todo su ciclo de vida y compensa diferenciales de transductor en cada aplicación de subwoofer”, comenta Francesco Fanicchi, director de Marca y Comunicaciones de Powersoft

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By • 29 Nov, 2016
• Section: Audio

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