This virtual classroom learning revolutionizes the way through artificial intelligence, real-time simulations, analysis of big data on large screens, interactive robots, emotional recognition systems, presence of experts via holograms and collaboration solutions. An immersive experience in which the line between education brand Online of the face.

WOW Room is a training that combines teaching experience IE Business School with cutting-edge technologies to drive the class of the future. With this project, the company is committed to innovation and breaks with the traditional view of classroom training, blended and online.

This initiative revolutionizes immersive learning experience through artificial intelligence, real-time simulations, analysis of big data, interactive robots, emotional and presence systems via holograms recognition expert, among other resources.

“WOW Room anticipa la formación del futuro. Este espacio supone un paso más dentro de nuestra apuesta por la inmersión tecnológica, donde se reproducen situaciones reales en las que participarán 100 profesores y más de 1.000 alumnos de 130 países en el primer año. Los alumnos tomarán decisiones bajo presión. Se enfrentarán a crisis empresariales, definirán procesos de producción en entornos fabriles, negociarán en escenarios bélicos y resolverán conflictos diplomáticos entre países, entre muchos otros casos”, explica Diego Alcázar Benjumea, vicepresidente de IE Business School.

Teachers will be physically present in WOW Room or screened through a hologram handled by a robot that will move across the room to interact with students. In addition to the simulations, teachers will use artificial intelligence, big data analysis on large screens, will receive statistics on student participation and feedback on the issues proposed for discussion to foster collaboration. All classes will be written to allow access and review the contents.

Equipamiento OF

WOW Room, acronyms respond to the concept Window on the World, is a physical space located on the campus of IE in Madrid which has 48 screens LG 55-inch borderless making up a video wall of 45 square meters in a 'U' with a vision of 230 degrees. This digital tapestry is divided into three sections of four continuous columns each integrated four screens, making a total of 16 displays.

This visual configuration for a computer equipped with an Intel i7 processor Quadcore two NVidia 1080 GTX SLI cards and paired with 32GB of RAM is controlled.

The hardware includes two 65-inch multi-touch screens that allow managing virtual whiteboard and control applications, and cameras that allow recording and editing sessions in real time. The teacher is introduced into the system using a camera 4K Philips X1000, mounted on a tripod base Pixio automatically following their movements through space class. Meanwhile, the holographic projections are made on a sheet Holoscreen 2 x 1 meters.

Room WOW classroom is also equipped with sound infrastructure de1600W, composed of four speakers installed in the ceiling, microphones Sennheiser and a control desk.

The lighting system consists of three RGB programmable foci, two ornamental lamps and two programmable motorized RGB green laser.

On the software side, it benefits from a platform video-collaboration SyncRTC developed ad-hoc for this project in HTML5 and WebRTC, which runs three Chrome windows to full screen. WOW Room provides advanced video conferencing solutions that require low levels of broadband to ensure the effective participation of students through any device from anywhere in the world.

The classroom can issue two 4K video feeds, one teacher and one with a full panoramic view. Thanks to management units multipoint cloud-based open source project Licode UPM, the WOW Room receives and emits up to 60 video streams 1080p students from anywhere in the world, with lower latency of 200 ms .

With this software you can create or edit documents and multimedia applications, collaborative possibilities as navigation, office formats, images, videos, interactive maps, virtual screens and an application for real-time surveys. You can also connect with different social networks.

"WOW Room allows students to connect and work collaboratively from anywhere, even if they have to connect with your mobile from the airport. We use a software version SyncRTC designed ad hoc for this project that allows us to work in real time and provides tools to teachers to optimize the performance of students in each session. At the same time, the system is easy to use and requires minimal technical support to function, "says Jolanta Gonalowska, director of Innovation Lerning IE

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By • 30 Nov, 2016
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