The so-called Tracking software Inteligent with d3 Technologies and BlackTrax is based on an effective system of tracking movement of people or objects with video tracking (position and rotation) 3D and 6D that works in real time.

The technological solution of real-time tracking Cast SoftwareCalled BlackTrax, provides streaming 3D and 6D automated robotic precision drivers, specially developed for use in events and entertainment venues, as has happened with their deployment in the Teatro Liceu of Barcelona.

This system uses a patented delivery of dynamic streaming data IR: a sensor that is placed on mobile bodies combined with advanced interactive technology D3 Technologies for showbiz, to project images (videomapping 3D still images, visual effects, etc.) on a decorated movement.

D3 Technologies has developed this software able to adjust in real time projection to the imbalances that produces movement, which gives the viewer a sense of 'live' decorated, as recently shown in this theater in the conference organized by Malaga audiovisual company The Nation WOW.

The first time you actually test this technology applied to the performing arts in Spain will be at the Gran Teatre del Liceu with 'Don Giovanni', which opens in Barcelona on June 19, produced by the Royal Opera House - Covent Garden, the Gran Teatro del Liceu, the Houston Grand Opera and the Israeli Opera.

‘Don Giovanni’ es la primera ópera que consigue tan sólo con un proyector abordar todo un decorado e ir corrigiendo a tiempo real cada parte de la proyección según el movimiento. Debido al laborioso decorado de la producción, lleno de ventanas, puertas y diferentes elementos, se requiere una tecnología capaz de adaptarse a todos estos detalles, corrigiendo cada parte en tiempo real, algo hasta ahora impensable con un solo vídeo y proyector.

Indeed The Nation WOW was the first company to use technology Tracking Inteligent video in Spain with d3 Technologies and BlackTrax, when he used the media servers of the first in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where an impressive animation was projected on complex facade.

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By • 9 Jan, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Distribution signals, Production, Projection

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