This device accessed through an Internet browser, the system interface configuration SV Control, as a preliminary step in creating a totally intuitive visual representation of the automation system installed on a local, home or building.

Designed for flush or rail mounting, Smart Visu Server Jung It is an optimal solution for local intelligent control, dwellings or buildings. To do this, the Visu Smart Home interface is responsible for performing the operations by the user, in turn, can create their own scenarios and configuration commands (called 'actions') ordered.

Initially, the connection to the automation system KNX is performed through an interface or an IP router. Once imported to the system configuration of the existing installation, you can create up to twenty-four themed areas, which functions will be assigned later. The so-called "areas" can include devices available on a particular favorite or group stay.

Within each area you can create functions like, 'Motor' to raise or lower blinds. In turn, each function can be assigned to one or more areas, so that 'Motor' can serve to drive the blinds the area 'Hall' or area 'Reading', although the latter is actually a scenario that the user has created in another room with your favorite lighting setting.

After creating visualization with Visu Smart Server, the user has a clearly organized graphical interface that lets you control a mobile device not only KNX automation system installed, but others such as Philips Hue color lights.

With these tools, you can also create your own actions to connect or disconnect lights and devices called time or through conditions and states. For example, create an action like 'Good morning' which, when activated, run a series of typical or routine functions, turn on lights, shutters up, etc. Also, 'Good morning' can be triggered manually (at will), timed (at a certain time) or conditions (when light outside).

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By • 11 Jan, 2017
• Section: Accessories, Control

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