This system, pioneered internationally, responds to a demand from industry and society to know precisely the number of people who are inside an enclosure in real time, with approved technology, legalized and supported by the institutions.

The Ayuntamiento de Madrid was the place chosen by the Innovative Business Group Capacity control To present Viabox ML1, the first counter system of people officially approved by the Spanish Centre of Metrology (CEM), After passing the demanding requirements of the EU type examination in Spain by the watchdog.

Among other processes, Viabox ML1 has exceeded the required precision parameters stop to know the people who are inside an enclosure (with an error of less than 3%); resistance to temperature change (-10 to + 65 ° C), humidity; variations in lighting and sound as well as data storage with security guarantees.

"This system is a milestone not only in Spain, but internationally, which is a tribute to the perseverance and ten years of research and business collaboration that is now approved, legalized and supported by institutions, which responds to a social demand for some time ", as explained by the presenter Anne Igartiburo, who has been involved in promoting this new technology with the aim of saving lives (Counting is life) When the permitted capacity is exceeded.

The problem of capacity control has different aspects, among which the safety related, the risk to the integrity of the people who can lead exceeding the allowed capacity, as has unfortunately happened in our country with the tragedy of Madrid Arena It is necessary to do so in a verifiable manner in accordance with metrological reliable instruments.

Spanish design and manufacturing

Patent since October 2016 and officially approved in December last year, Viabox ML1 stands back to Spain as a leader in the field of legal metrology, to develop the first people counting system in real time approved internationally.

This development responds to ten years of work of the Innovative Business Association (AEI) Capacity Control, consisting of registered dealers in the Metrological Control Registry as Age2, Comunicalia Group, Prosegur and Securitas, Manufacturers, repairers and innovation entities, with the aim of promoting and encouraging technology on monitoring capacity of people; promote cooperation between the public and private sector; promote training activities aimed at local users with capacity managers, like technology products and services, and to improve and develop the competitiveness of Spanish metrological sector.

Felix Navarro, president of Control Capacity and Viabox, "this system is the result of the work of a good team of technicians, installers, distributors, repairers in which he has collaborated Ministry of industry, Which is already available through the four registered dealers in the CEM: Age2, Comunicalia, Prosegur and Securitas. "

A 'black box' for capacity control

The installation of Viabox ML1, which can vary depending on the site and if it is for a control in building height, consists of a log entry access (a ticket, event ticket, NFC tag, card, card or e-ticket in the mobile) and a tag reader device.

Code reading of these labels is done each person assigned for identification of access to the site, as well as output (discounted to the person who abandons him also through reading the code). To this the counting device, in real time reporting of capacity control, which communicates with readers centrally through the connection points is added.

Security and data protection is guaranteed for two years and has legal and juridical validity because the system is sealed by the Ministry of Industry and after that period is officially revised "so that information is always guarded" points Navarro.

En la actualidad, en España hay comunidades autónomas donde el control de aforo está legislado y otras en las que todavía no existe una normativa específica. Según las cifras de población, el 65% está desprotegida legalmente contra el sobre-aforo en locales con limitación en su licencia.

The government, within its field of competence (shows, dance halls, discotheques, recreational activities, etc.) have developed regulations related to capacity control in public places determined for different purposes are the City of Madrid (enlargement capacity) and the communities of Andalusia, Aragon, the Canary Islands, Catalonia, Valencia and the Basque Country. These regulations affect more than 5,000 stores approximately entertainment and leisure in regulated areas, although it is not legislated mandatory in most communities and Spanish cities.

Safety and social responsibility

Among the advantages of using this type of equipment, both for security and for other aspects related to the guarantees of legal compliance and good use of public places include:

  • Knowing the number of people who are in a public place.
  • Verification of such compliance reliably up to two years after the conclusion of the event (as a tachograph).
  • Checking the correct use of the equipment by local owners or activity that has an authorized capacity
  • Access to safe and inviolable information to the competent authorities.
  • Remote monitoring by the property or the competent authority.
  • Improved facilities management with reliable information in real time for people who are on the premises.
  • Complement and integration with image recording systems, generating alerts.
  • Applicable to all local holds both entertainment and recreational activities (cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, stadiums, swimming pools, arenas, amusement parks, fixed fairs, nightclubs, discos, etc); meeting places, work and sanitary (museums, conference and congress, casinos, hotels, ..); common areas in shopping centers, airports, stations, hospitals, nursing homes, etc ;, as well as social commercial establishments (libraries, schools, doctors' offices, public offices with presence, student residences, etc.).

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By • 25 Jan, 2017
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