The wePresent marketing manager in Europe, Marjorie Mejia, number and provides the arguments and advantages of integrating wireless solutions for collaboration in the corporate environment.

One of the most important in the world currently corporate IT issues are the BYOD policies. To really exploit the potential of all devices integrate contemporary office conference rooms, meetings, training and even dynamic multipurpose spaces without permanent job.

Ya sean empresas grandes o pequeñas, esta nueva forma de trabajar requiere de un sistema que facilite la interacción entre los usuarios y las presentaciones eficientes. Un simple cable puede arruinar cualquier reunión o presentación importante. Este tipo de situaciones se suceden diariamente en todas las oficinas y centros educativos. Los cables están por todos lados, algunos no funcionan, no coinciden o existe mala conexión. Además se amontonan, ensucian, se lían entre ellos y transmiten caos y desorden.

Companies invest a lot of money to offer increasingly modern devices to their workers. But are their work spaces prepared to get the most out? The resources used so far have become obsolete, instead, a wireless collaboration will help in many ways.

These are the ten reasons explained in this article Marjorie Mejia, marketing manager wePresent in Europe, why a company needs a wireless presentation:

1.- Goodbye Wires: there is nothing worse than having a nice meeting room with a bad design integrated audiovisual system in space. Moreover, nobody wants to be desliando cables or researching what the right while the customer is sitting at the table. A good AV system must be kept in the background, be quiet and effective with presentations. With wireless systems, more rooms are clean and elegant, which benefits the image transmitted to third parties.

2.- Facilitates the processes: an easy to use system prevents unpleasant and stressful situations, like watching workers running from room to room in search of a suitable remedy as the audience awaits your presentation. Exposed in front of a group and represents a sufficient challenge to complicate it further. In addition, wireless systems allow the user to connect directly to the network and start the presentation while moving freely around the room.

3.- It frees the IT department: Unfortunately, many of the responsible IT spend most of their time configuring and managing AV systems. They also lose many of their teaching hours attending to other fearful that something is not working employees. Thus, a system easy to implement and use free the IT guys so they can engage in really important tasks.

4.- Enjoy seamless collaborative meetings with multiple users: u ne of the great advantages of using a wireless interactive system is directly related to one of its concepts: interactive. For example, wePresenter allows up to 64 simultaneous users and can take turns to show their presentations on screen with a single click or even open a discussion forum.

5.- Participación desde cualquier dispositivo: el mundo actual está dominado por los dispositivos móviles, que han modificado totalmente la forma de trabajar, así como los entornos de trabajo. Los días de que todos los empleados iban a su oficina con el mismo portátil y un conector VGA han quedado atrás, ya que actualmente los sistemas de audio y vídeo de las salas de conferencias deben ser capaces de enlazar con Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, Androids, Cromebooks,… además de con los portátiles tradicionales con conexión VGA o HDMI. Los sistemas de presentación inalámbrica de máxima calidad resuelven todo esto con un solo dispositivo. No importa cuál se use para dar una presentación, funcionará.

6.- Boosting the sales team with a cutting-edge business tool: the use of a wireless presentation system is not limited to permanent facilities, can also be a powerful weapon in the hands of the commercial team able to make a difference.

7.- Create mini-meeting rooms for executive management: managers in the offices of many wireless devices are hidden behind the TV. This allows senior executives hold private meetings and confidence in their own workspaces with the same cutting edge and easy to use system.

8.- Interactive training rooms: a good system of wireless collaboration will allow any user to follow the presentation from your own device. Perfect for large training rooms, for example, when someone is at the bottom and can not see the screen. It is ready energize and organize the halls without being linked to if attendees have full visibility, as all will be in the front row.

9.- Update company technologically: times change quickly and nothing evolves faster than the audiovisual industry is. usually it happens that after a short time to make a strong investment in technology, it is beginning to become obsolete.

In this sense, the wireless devices are a significant improvement since adapt to changes while maintaining its use and functionality. Thanks to that work with any device, continue facilitating interaction for a long time and promoting BYOD policy.

10.- Solución rentable para disponer de más salas de reuniones: un motivo esencial. Los sistemas inalámbricos son una solución pequeña, rentable y flexible que se integra en sistemas AV a gran escala con facilidad. Una de sus mayores virtudes es la rentabilidad en relación al coste que supondrían otras opciones para disponer de los mismos servicios. Se acabó limitar a dos o tres las salas de conferencias para compartirlas entre todos los empleados: cualquier pequeña habitación puede ser un lugar eficaz para una reunión, con sólo un televisor de pantalla plana y un sistema de colaboración inalámbrico.

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