The recent celebration of the 2017 Bett education fair in London has served to introduce three new ranges of educational displays and software with the manufacturer shows the connected learning, two of which incorporate its patented iQ collaboration.

Designed to streamline teaching and learning, SMART Technologies He has used its participation in bed 2017, Which ended on 28 January in London to present three new ranges of displays, which also enhance the ability of the software to connect teachers, students and content.

Two of the new series of displays incorporate iQ collaboration technology, patented by the manufacturer that can integrate personal devices, software and content in these interactive visual systems.

Specifically, the SMART Board 7000 series is the most advanced interactive screen brand to date, thanks to its iQ technology make it the centerpiece of the classroom, connecting students, teachers, software, content and personal devices in a unique experience focused on education.

This screen incorporates HyPr Touch (Hybrid Precision Touch), patented by the company, an optical technology that delivers superior performance writing and touch accuracy and the ability to recognize a wide variety of interactive tools (pen, eraser, etc.) .

Specifically, four users can simultaneously write to the color of your choice (Pen ID) and distinguishes screen between different commands, so that users can write with pens, select the contents with your fingers and use your palms to remove (Object awareness).

Available in sizes 75 and 86 "screen has a magnetic tray to the pen, a panel with multiple ports, detection sensors dual presence, video preview, 4K Ultra HD, as well as Energy Star certification, warranty three years and a one-year subscription to Learning Suite software.

6000 SMART Board interactive display is currently the most popular brand among teachers, who now also has the iQ technology standard way to provide a simple and quick access to educational materials, software and applications.

This model, available in 65 and 75 "shares exclusive features of the 7000 series, as SilkTouch, Object awareness, Pen ID, SMART Ink, resolution 4K Ultra HD and Energy Star, with equal grantia and subscription Learning Suite software company .

Meanwhile, SMART Board 2000 series is a new non-touch screen for daily use, available in 75 ", which allows students and teachers to share, deliver customized content and materials from their laptops, tablets or other mobile device thanks to its compatibility iOS, Android and Microsoft.

All these educational displays include the SMART Learning Suite software, subscription-based, with interactive delivery of lessons, based on games, formative assessments and collaborative workspaces online activities.

Warren Barkley, director of technology of SMART Technologies, notes in this regard that "collaborative learning is important in the digital classroom, teaches important life skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking, and helps students to discover and develop their unique potential. "

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By • 1 Feb, 2017
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