Based on the evolution of nanoparticles Quantum Dot, the new generation of televisions QLED, represented by the Q9, Q8 and Q7 series, offer 100% of the volume of color and, thanks to the HDR technology can achieve a brightness of 1,500- 2,000 nits, which allows you to display realistic, natural and razor sharp images.

In the framework of the Samsung European Forum, which this year is being held in Barcelona, ​​the South Korean manufacturer is shown the new technology behind its latest premium TV line represented by the Q9, Q8 and Q7 series.

Mientras que otros fabricantes apuestan por OLED, Samsung está poniendo sus miras en la tecnología QLED que la propia empresa califica como “una nueva categoría en la industria audiovisual”. Se trata de la evolución de las nanopartículas Quantum Dot que permite mejorar el color, el brillo y el contraste, entre otras funcionalidades, reproduciendo con precisión hasta mil millones de colores. Asimismo, también proporciona una mayor vida útil y consumen menos energía.

Las pantallas QLED TV ofrecen el 100% del volumen de color conforme al espectro DCI-P3 y gracias a la tecnología HDR, pueden alcanzar un brillo de 1.500-2.000 nits, lo que le permite mostrar una imagen realista, natural y con gran nitidez, independientemente del entorno luminoso en el que se encuentre. Esto refleja el nivel óptimo de brillo para el ojo humano, garantizando un cómodo visionado en cualquier entorno. Los televisores QLED de Samsung necesitan una menor incidencia de luz para conseguir colores más puros y brillantes.

The purity and intensity of the colors is independent of the viewing angle through the metal alloy which have been coated quantum dots that allows light to be projected in multiple directions.

QLED is an inorganic technology that allows computers are more durable without any problems marking panel, or oxidation or moisture as happens to other developed OLED equipment.

To publicize the benefits and advantages of this technology, Samsung in collaboration with SpectraCal have developed a system for measuring the volume of color, based on the software CalMAN.

This tool is able to demonstrate the capabilities of volume rendering color televisions QLED TV. Color volume takes into account two elements from the TV: the color spectrum and brightness level. The color spectrum refers to the number of colors that can be represented, while the peak brightness is the maximum brightness level of the screen. The higher the color spectrum and brightness higher, the greater the volume of TV color, and therefore the image quality.

According to the company this self-calibration tool will be available simultaneously improved the launch of the Samsung QLED 2017 TV line.

Installation and multimedia accessories

The design is another innovation of this line which has flat and curved models although as explained from the company "customer demand is oriented planes teams and this will be our brand vision for this year."

Improvements in design and usability of the new category QLED TV include a unique and transparent (Connection invisible) cable through which can meet and connect to the TV all peripheral devices.

This is coupled with the new wall mounting system Gap No, that makes it quick and simple, and in which there is no space between the screen and the wall. And for those who prefer desktop or floor stands, Samsung offers the Studio model, reminiscent of an easel with a painting, or Gravity, a base that allows the computer can be rotated.

These displays are accompanied by Smart Control remote control that lets you control all connected devices even supports voice interaction to change channels either saying the program name or genre.

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By • 3 Feb, 2017
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