This solution includes a processor based on Dante and endpoints EX-4ML, EX-8ML and EX-UH. It also has connectivity for various types of audio conferencing systems, including USB, VoIP, PSTN, analog and headphones.

Bose Professional It has taken advantage of their attendance at the fair ISE 2017 (stand C172 7-and 11-A135), which is being held in Amsterdam RAI, to publicize its new audio conferencing solution, ControlSpace EX. It includes conference signal processor ControlSpace EX-1280C based on Dante and endpoints EX-4ML, EX-8ML and EX-UH. Designed with input from leading integrators, the system has connectivity for various types of audio conference, including USB, VoIP, PSTN, analog and headphones.

“Nos hemos centrado en la creación de un sistema de conferencia de audio DSP que incluye todo lo que un integrador puede necesitar – Dante, USB, VoIP, PSTN y audio analógico – todo en una sola caja de un UR. También reconocimos la creciente necesidad de reducir el cableado, localizar el equipo de forma remota y atender las aplicaciones de adaptación. Los endpoints son independientes del micrófono y utilizan PoE y Dante para proporcionar un micrófono de “un cable de la mesa” y la solución Byod ATC “, explica Darryl Bryans, manager de la Línea de Productos DSP de Bose.

The three endpoints EX-Dante have PoE and network connection, multiple mounting options and form factor high density, characteristics that makes them ideal for installation under tables conference.
Interfaces microphone EX-4ML and EX-8ML, 4 and 8 channels respectively, have 48V phantom power, and power Led 12V and three logical IO per channel (1 in, 2 out), compatible with most analog microphones conference.

The endpoint EX-UH Dante extends the versatility of the conference for BYOD applications such as connecting mobile phones, laptops and analog telephone headset using the 3.5 mm connector TRRS incorporating, USB stereo audio and RJ-9 connector.

All components are configured and controlled with Bose ControlSpace Designer 5.0 software. ControlSpace Remote 2.1 has been updated to support the new EX and includes a marker to create a full user interface based tablet for conference rooms. The drivers for most popular control systems are also available.

In addition, amplifiers and speakers Bose Professional can be integrated using presets and audio connections.


  • 12 AEC adaptive noise canceling non-linear processing and improves the clarity and intelligibility of the meeting. Multiple references AEC support multiple rooms and areas.
  • Dante audio network 64 x 64 for digital audio connectivity to any system based on Dante, including conference microphones new product.
  • Connectivity 'all in one': 12 analog inputs mic / line, 8 analog outputs, 8 digital outputs Bose AmpLink, USB (input / stereo output), VoIP (2 lines) and PSTN.
  • Signal processing open architecture that provides the flexibility for any application conference.
  • VoIP compatible with SIP 2.0: Includes a configurable web interface, two independent lines with multiple call appearances and as G.722 codec support HD, G.726 and G.711.
  • Front panel display 256 × 64 OLED elements and rotary knob to measure, view and change IP settings.

Special access to ISE 2017

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By • 7 Feb, 2017
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