Designed for universities, higher education and conference is presented as a dynamic and flexible solution that allows us to propose ideas and work together, by sharing and wireless content from your laptop or tablet use.

Vision Exchange is the new intuitive collaboration solution Sony She has developed educational and corporate environment. This tool brings together students, teachers and presenters in a group based on dynamic creative work that promotes debate and knowledge sharing environment.

This active solution for higher education and the corporate sector learning is being presented at the booth of Sony (1-N20) in ISE 2017, which today opens in Amsterdam RAI and will continue until 10 February.

Designed for universities, higher education institutions and corporate conference rooms, Vision Exchange offers a dynamic and flexible solution that adapts to a wide range of teaching spaces and meeting rooms. Teams can propose ideas and work collaboratively by sharing and wireless use of the content from your laptop or tablet.

This is a simple way to engage participants in discussions, since a video connection to remote locations is incorporated to achieve global teamwork.

Traditional monologue type classes are continually being replaced by interactive methods that foster a greater level of participation and understanding by students.

"There are other collaboration tools that reflect the transition from passive to active learning, but so far, this fast-growing market did not have a web-based working groups for BYOD environments that had the power, flexibility and ease of solution using Vision Exchange "says Garry Cox, product Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

Available with a simple licensing option, remote communication allows workgroups to communicate with other places through videoconferencing systems based on standards. In this way, participants can share real-time both the content of their devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones) and the overlapping notes or descriptions on the electronic board.

Most meeting rooms are based on a single source of content cable and a single monitor, plus a dedicated audiovisual system with mixers, video conferencing systems and other hardware components.

This complex configuration often cause frustration and loss of time, given the difficulties presenters with wiring, preventing them focus on the meeting. Vision Exchange ends with these problems because it enables participants to focus on the meeting with enhanced communication experience.

Special access to ISE 2017

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By • 7 Feb, 2017
• Section: AV Conferencing, Control, Events, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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