In its stand it has been called one videowall configured with this equipment rear projection based on the TRP Chip architecture, format 2 × 2, with a slim 50-inch model and 432 mm depth.

Eyevis has children to ISE 2017, which is being held until 10 January at the Amsterdam RAI, with its professional display latest developments among which the Cube based on the TRP DLP chip architecture. Also at its stand (2-A75) may also be innovative Led solutions for videowall and control software for graphics.

The German manufacturer has used the 'Tilt & Roll Pixel' architecture Texas Instruments to develop its latest DLP rear projection cube, which has enabled it to offer a more compact design. In addition, energy consumption is significantly smaller with a more efficient optical design, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership compared to conventional DLP. This new Cube DLP can operate 24 × 7 to 80,000 hours thanks to LED technology.

This solution can compete in terms of installation depth with other technologies cubes DLP, the proof is the configuration that can be seen on its stand, in a format 2 × 2, with a slim model of 50 inches and a depth 432 mm. In addition, this 50-inch version will also be available another 60 inches.

eyePanel Led con eyevis-Processing

Another new feature that can be seen in ISE is a 4K LED videowall a pixel pitch of 0.9 mm, which can be located at the entrance of the stand to welcome visitors. And after him, different individual exhibitions of Led solutions that aim to show what future trends in this field will be offered.

In this area an innovative mechanism front service, which allows easy access from the front for maintenance and development of eyevis-Processing, patented by the manufacturer for Led ePanel 'powered by Unilumin' modules.

In addition to ease of installation and calibration of a videowall, this solution enables transmission of uncompressed video signals in real time with a resolution of up to 4K via Ethernet connection.

Narrow bezel for new videowall

In the environment of each videowall it is more common to use LCD screens with increasingly narrow bezels. Eyevis responds to this trend with the new monitors 46 and 55 inches from the ESN number. These teams are tailored to the requirements of modern facilities with a mechanical bezel videowall ≤2mm and Full HD resolutions. The 46-inch model provides images up to 4K at 60Hz.

Another novelty that incorporate these devices is the ability to control and monitor all displays of eyevis through a small unit that mounts on the back of the videowall.

Examples of special constructions designed to medium-eyevis exposes a Mirror Display incorporating the properties of a mirror with a digital display characteristics. An ideal solution for use in commercial and hotel areas.

For the segment of the LCD high resolution display 4K / UHD, the German manufacturer has a team of 85 inches with a brightness of 700 cd / m², another 65 and a variant of 50-inch 32-point multi-touch surface.

Drivers and management software Split

Con los nuevos controladores split netPIX y las nuevas versiones de sus soluciones de gestión para videowall, eyeCON y eyeUNIFY, eyevis ha vuelto a fijar nuevos estándares en términos de rendimiento y facilidad de uso. Además de haberse modificado las carcasas, la serie netPIX cuenta con nuevas versiones denominadas Motion, Core y Rage.

Both version 6 of the Enterprise Eyecon solution as open source version of eyeUNIFY incorporate a variety of new features for the control and management of videowall systems. For example, eyeUNIFY provides direct integration to YouTube videos and channels, making it an ideal solution for the 'Social Media Command Centres.

Special access to ISE 2017

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By • 8 Feb, 2017
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