Designed for commercial environments and professional installations these active monitors are available in various configurations and finished in 120 RAL colors.

The color comes to installing audio with the launch of the 4000 series of active monitors Genelec. Available in 120 RAL colors, these speakers that the Finnish company presents in ISE 2017 have two tracks and are intended for commercial environments and professional installations.

All models contain an integrated amplification unit comprising an active electronic crossover, overload protection circuitry and two power amplifiers, one for each unit ..

At the moment, the series features four models 4010A (96dB SPL woofer 3 inches and a response between 67 Hz and 25 kHz), 4040B (96 db SPL, 59 Hz-25 kHz, 4-inch woofer), 4030B ( 100 db, 50 Hz-25 kHz), 7-inch woofer) and 4040A (109 db, 50 Hz-25 kHz, and 6.5-inch woofer.

In memory of Ilpo Martikainen

Genelec managers began the press conference by reminding Ilpo Martikainen, founder of Genelec who died last September 30 at the age of 69 years. In recent years, Ilpo focused on the participation of the next generation in the company.

His children Juho Martikainen, Martikainen Mikko Martikainen and Mary have grown as part of the family Genelec. They have been closely involved in the development of specialized audio monitoring active as board members administracióm company since 2001.

Martikainen's heirs, along with council members Topi Partanen and Ritva Leinonen, will be the new owners of Genelec. Leinonen will continue as chairman of the board.

Special access to ISE 2017

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By • 9 Feb, 2017
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