The most advanced of the brand is the Smart Board 7000 with iQ technology, which act as the core of the classroom, and HyPr Touch, which provides higher performance writing and touch accuracy and the ability to recognize gestures. To this he accompanied the Smart Board 6000 and 2000.

Smart Technologies He not wants to miss his appointment with ISE 2017 and attended the event, which last Friday closed its doors in Amsterdam with a stand located in pavilion dedicated to technologies for education.

In this environment, SMART showed its range of screens, designed for both corporate and education market, among which the Smart Board 7000, the most advanced interactive brand model series.

Its iQ technology allows acting as the core of the classroom, connecting students, teachers, screens, software, content and personal devices into a unique experience focused on education. HyPr also features Touch (Hybrid Precision Touch), which provides increased performance of writing and touch accuracy and the ability to recognize gestures of a wide range of interactive tools.

the new version of the Smart Board Smart Board 6000 and 2000. This latter also showed a non-touch equipment, integrated with wireless screen sharing, ideal for everyday use and designed to promote and enhance collaboration.

SMART educational displays are optimized and include Learning Suite software, a software platform based on subscriptions with interactive delivery of lessons, based on games, formative assessments and collaborative workspaces online activities.

Special access to ISE 2017

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By • 13 Feb, 2017
• Section: Display, Events, Training

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