This solution will allow a complete sound reinforcement system of the German manufacturer is accessible through any method MediaMatrix control and fully interoperable with the concept of networking.

Compatibility and interoperability are key factors d & b audiotechnik, Presented in ISE 2017, which closed its doors last Friday, a plug-in amplifier for MediaMatrix Nion DSP and PC nControl Peavey, Which binds to the Q-control system SYS QSC technology and automation and control Beckhoff.

This new momentum from the German manufacturer of speaker systems to improve integration with third enable a complete system sound reinforcement d & b is accessible through any method MediaMatrix control and is fully interoperable with the concept of networking MediaMatrix .

MediaMatrix network is a DSP and a scalable, efficient and custom control tailored to user needs. MediaMatrix integration allows system designers get the sound quality d & b high-performance fixed installations that require detailed and customized options remote control.

The entire system is designed and managed by a PC with software NWare MediaMatrix, accessed and controlled wirelessly via remote control platform Kiosk2Go with an intelligent device that supports HTML5. The system can also be controlled by electronic wall panels, devices with touch screen and GPIOs.

The new plug-in amplifier d & b MediaMatrix provides control parameters to adjust the Mute state levels, the switching on and off, and to modify the AmpPreset. Thus, the entire system can be configured as a highly intelligible system for reproduction of the spoken word and, using a button, reconfigured according to the planned program.

It also allows you to monitor sensitive information, ensuring an adequate system in an emergency situation such as PA-VA PA system and alarm with voice prompts to the public. MediaMatrix logs all connections audio amplifiers, and the operating status of the connected speakers.

"The key issue here is interoperability, and full integration between the control system and the system sound reinforcement, regardless of the type of application," says Wolfgang Schulz, Product Manager for permanent installation in d & b. "In many fixed installations, system design now starts with the method to control and manage it, so that d & b has decided to help system designers through full interoperability with MediaMatrix system, which ensures planning and operation very easy ".

Implementation in the Amsterdam Arena

The Amsterdam Arena stadium was the first major project that has built-in speaker system with d & b MediaMatrix as a core control system.

The system meets the stringent requirements for voice alarm messages for stadiums, while also meets the expectations of international artists and performers who visit on their tours.

Arrangements Online Series Y, amplified by the 30D stages of d & specific b for fixed installations are optimized with ArrayProcessing software that improves the pressure level and tonal balance of a line array of d & b in the full vertical plane of the public area.

ArrayProcessing ensures that each person in the audience can hear everything, notices and each alignment of teams, rhythm and choruses, animation and cheers, with maximum intelligibility of the spoken word.

Special access to ISE 2017

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By • 14 Feb, 2017
• Section: Audio, Control, Events

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