In its eighth consecutive appearance at ISE, the Spanish manufacturer of digital signage presented at its stand a wide variety of products to meet any project in this environment, with special importance of improvements in ARACAST.

Digital signage specialist Tecco He has been present again in ISE, Whose edition 2017 ended a few days ago and represents the eighth consecutive participation of the Spanish company, where he presented, among other new user, an improved interface for ARACAST.

Specifically, the latest version of aracast Designer lets you develop a lot of tasks, from creating and distributing layouts of content (including HTML5 objects, social networks, ...) to manage a network of players (with creation of groups), monitor the activity of all screens, and establish levels of management and user profiles management system ARACAST RMS (Role management system), all in the same interface.

In addition, ARACAST Designer adapts the content to the resolution of the LED customer display automatically, as first evaluates the display configuration and transcodes content (pictures and videos) to be displayed optimally in the digital installation. Likewise, the system optimizes texts scroll according to the refresh rate of the screen to avoid the annoying effect 'flicker', with a simple click.

Another new feature that has presented Tecco at ISE 2017 is ARACAST QMS a digital information system that combines the benefits of Digital ARACAST Signage system with a management tool agile, intuitive and efficient shifts that improves the user experience.

Aracast QMS is a suite of products, in which the software digital signage and shift management is included, along with powerful hardware digital communication systems of Tecco, which can be customized to the needs and services they want to offer the customer.

Therefore, QMS can combine some or all of the following equipment: ARACAST Designer 3.0 installed on a computer with Linux, Mac or Windows; ARACAST QMS Server player acting as a central information server; with the touch lectern Qiosk; digital directories for public areas Qdirectory and QWall as well as information displays in QSpot room.

For its part, the presentation system ARACAST Presenter now incorporates a new feature that enhances interactive communication between users, clients and displays, offering an accessible website from any device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to send the content listed on the same network of ARACAST players with a single click.

In addition, ARACAST Presenter includes a new api JS HTTP / SDK- that allows the user to control the ARACAST players from web or specific applications via HTTP enabling integration with third-party software.

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By • 14 Feb, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Events

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