The content management system Phoenix obtains data from the camera in H.264 format, directly from the recording server, and from that moment on, the automated control of videowall event starts from the XProtect server.

Christie He has made a firmware update your content management system Phoenix, providing new security modes. A solution suitable for both standard environments and for strict security applications.

Version 1.5 integrates directly with the video management software (VMS) on open platform IP Milestone XProtect. Christie Phoenix gets data from the camera in H.264 format directly from the recording server. From that moment, the automated control of videowall event starts from the XProtect server. Christie Phoenix is ​​integrated with XProtect, creating a unified solution for video management and operations in the control room.

The firmware update enables two new operating modes: standard and strict security. Most users will choose the Standard security mode, while strict security mode is perfect in high security environments.

Como explica Karl Johnson, director sénior de producto de Christie, “los sistemas Phoenix para gestión de contenido proporcionan aspectos de seguridad entre los que destacan la gestión de contraseña de nivel fuerte, conexiones encriptadas, configuración de sistema y datos registrados, y monitoreo del sistema y notificaciones de amenazas. La introducción de esta actualización de firmware garantiza el apoyo de una base fuerte y segura con la que ofrecer a nuestros clientes de Christie Phoenix el mejor sistema de monitorización de sistemas críticos”.

Christie Phoenix ensures that client systems meet NERC / CIP standards. Sectors as diverse as utilities, security and surveillance or transport and telecommunications benefit from aspects of security offered by Christie Phoenix.

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By • 15 Feb, 2017
• Section: Control, Display, Security

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