Participating in a recently completed new edition of this event, the manufacturer of PA systems and voice alarm evacuation system has expanded its NEO certified EN 54 with four new models.

LDA Audio Tech He has used his presence in ISA 2017, An event that has come in recent years to bring to market new models of NEO-Extension-specifically 8250E, 4250E, 4500E and 4500LE-, extending their PA system and voice alarm NEO EN 54.

The 4500LE NEO system is the first low-impedance amplifier EN 54-16 certified manufactured in Spain, specially designed for VA Sound Reiforcement and its application in large facilities such as stadiums, concert halls, etc.

Compact, flexible and economical, NEO also offers audio Cobranet over Ethernet and can work as a professional audio system and PA network as it can be integrated or form a distributed network system.

In this edition, LDA Audio Tech team has also conducted live demonstrations in Sime software control for all professionals who wanted to know in detail its operation and advantages.

Special access to ISE 2017

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By • 15 Feb, 2017
• Section: Audio, Distribution signals, Events, Security

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