In the installation apparatus 176 have been used Led white illumination: 130 TVL 4000-II, 30-II 3000 TVL and 16 Elation TVL 2000-II. The vast majority are located in the main and two auxiliary 56 study.

Channel 4 studies of Puerto Rico, WAPA-owned TV station, have renewed their lighting equipment with a comprehensive installation of broadcast-quality LED devices. A project that has carried out the Puerto Rican company Xpress Music Lights.

This facility has constadode 176 LED lights Elation Professional, mark represented by VisualsvisualsWhich they are located in different enclosures, with 120 aircraft in the main study and another 56 in two other ancillary studies, serving all kinds of live programs, news broadcasts and recordings for productions of the television.

A total of 130 TVL 4000-II units have been distributed among these three spaces, with 100 units installed in the main study.

The Elation TVL 4000-II has 800 warm white LED with color temperature of 3,200 ° K, and 800 other cold white LED with color temperature of 6500 ° K, for a projection with variable color temperature. Also provides a CRI (color rendering index) 90 with a beam spread of 30 ° (with optional different apertures as 10 °, 20 °, 30 ° and 60 ° by special diffusers filters accompanying) value, soundless operation and magnetic holder and integrated visors.

Also, they have also been used 30 units of Elation TVL 3000-II with 20 of these units located in the main study.

The TVL 3000-II range of Elation Professional offers three models: the TVL 3000-II Dynamic White, Warm White Led with 12 3-watt and 12 Led Cool White 3 Watt; the TVL 3000-II Warm White, with 24 warm white LED 3 watts and color temperature of 3,200 Kelvin; and TVL 3000-II Cool White, 3 Watt cool white color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin 24 Led.

These three provide a high value CRI color rendering are totally soundless and include visors and a set of interchangeable lenses with openings 10, 25, 40 and 60 degrees.

As for the version with smaller dimensions of the TVL 4000-II, the TVL 2000-II, 16 units have been used in this project. Has 450 warm white LED, color temperature 3200 ° K of, and other cool white LED 450, with color temperature of 6500 ° K, for a projection with variable color temperature and CRI value with 90.

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By • 16 Feb, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Lighting

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