From traditional blackboard to interactive display and multi-touch panel, this system offers a one-stop solution for large format and work and collaborate in educational, corporate and healthcare environments, now available in the Spanish market through this distributor.

E-Blackboard system, already marketed in Spain Atlantic DevicesIt offers a new concept in whiteboards for classrooms and businesses because it integrates traditional slate and HD multitouch screen collaboratively in a compact panel unified in a system of large format in which you can write naturally with different types of chalks or markers, while incorporating a capacitive interactive display no angles or contours.

En concreto, e-Blackboard presenta diversas configuraciones, con la posibilidad de combinar varios displays, con formatos de 70, 75, 82 y 86 pulgadas, junto con los paneles pasivos de cantos redondeados que se instalan en los extremos. Un nuevo concepto todo en uno con opciones de procesador i5, discos de estado sólido y memoria adicional para mejorar las prestaciones de los equipos integrados.

El material de superficie de esta solución es antivandálico y ha sido procesado con nanotecnología para evitar el rayado y los reflejos, a la vez que conduce la luz de forma eficiente para una legibilidad perfecta desde cualquier ángulo. E-Blackboard permite rotular tanto en el área activa del display (encendido o apagado), como en toda la superficie del panel (de 3 metros de ancho).

The OPS integrated into the system facilitates work with capacitive multi-unit, twenty touchpoints, without connecting cables or external computers. Furthermore, it is possible to write on the board while running a presentation video, while you can control an application on the display and take margin notes without interfering with the session image.

By this means a solution especially suited for both newly created classrooms and for those who need traditional whiteboard integrated with digital media, business centers, meeting rooms and auditoriums, convention centers, etc.

This solution consists of three sections of flat panel, with a resolution of 1,920 × 1,080p, brightness of 400 cd / m2 and response time of 8 ms-, and tempered glass, high strength, with a rounded edge and anti-reflective.

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By • 17 Feb, 2017
• Section: Display, Events, Training

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