To this end, new interactive whiteboards incorporate cognitive capabilities Watson IoT, which uses real-time analytics to help steer the talks, so that teams can make decisions quickly and in a more informed manner.

The new cognitive interactive whiteboards IBM and Ricoh Watson used the intelligence and voice technologies to support people actively in meetings by responding to voice commands, taking notes, performing actions and even translated into other languages.

This smart solution work for corporate boardrooms combines the capabilities of IBM Watson IoT and Ricoh interactive whiteboards. Its aim is to change the way the teams meet and collaborate through new intuitive features accessible using natural language.

Watson not only listen, but is an active participant in the meetings, which uses real-time analytics to help steer the talks, so that teams can make decisions quickly and in a more informed manner.

Ricoh está incorporando esta intuitiva solución dentro de su oferta de servicios para ayudar a los clientes a mejorar su productividad y colaboración en las reuniones. Igualmente, IBM vislumbra un amplio abanico de funciones de apoyo más complejas en las reuniones del futuro, gracias a las capacidades de aprendizaje de Watson.

“Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar a los empleados y a los negocios herramientas efectivas e inteligentes que automaticen los trabajos administrativos y, además, pueda empoderar a las personas para enfocarse en tareas e ideas de valor para los negocios. Junto a IBM, hemos creado una solución de trabajo inteligente – Intelligent Workplace Solution- que va a revolucionar las reuniones. En vez de ser una pantalla, esta pizarra interactiva cognitiva será un participante activo más en las reuniones, recopilando notas y acciones, y construyendo puentes entre los empleados y las diferentes localizaciones”, afirma Hidetsugu Nonaka, vicepresidente Corporativo Senior de Ricoh Company.

IBM is installing more than 80 interactive whiteboards Ricoh in its new headquarters Watson IoT in Munich, Germany. This will enable product development teams of the company to maintain proactive meetings with colleagues from other locations, such as Japan, Brazil and the USA.

"With technologies Watson IoT, interactive whiteboards Ricoh can not only conduct meetings, but foster an open exchange of ideas and make it easy for teams to work together and take meetings to a new dimension," said Harriet Green, General Watson IoT manager.


  • Simple, global voice control in the meetings. Once the meeting starts, any employee, whether in person or remotely, you can control what's on the screen, including advanced presentations or simple voice commands.
  • Translation into another language meetings. You can translate the words of the person who speaks several languages ​​and play them on the screen or transcribing.
  • Meetings which is easy to join. A coup click, you can record attendance and follow up of issues to ensure that all of them have been discussed.
  • Ability to capture parallel discussions. During a meeting, team members can also maintain parallel conversations that appear deployed on the same board.

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By • 20 Feb, 2017
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