Located west of the capital of South Korea, in the complex high-tech Digital Media City (DMC, Digital Media City), the new center, called Kovac, aims to become a world leader in these technologies.

The CDM of Seoul, a 'city' dedicated to digital media technologies for broadcasting, games, training and related industries welcomes the new Kovac center, specialized in virtual and augmented reality, which was inaugurated by the Ministry of Science, ICT and planning the future of South Korea, and in which "the Government will make supreme efforts to support our developers and companies to be a world power in these sectors", as said his deputy, Choi Jae-you.

The Kovac center is part of an ambitious strategic project that the Korean authorities will invest over 400,000 million won (about 358 million dollars) over the next four years to promote research in these technologies and reduce the technological gap with other countries with the opening of more than twenty campuses across the country.

The facility is divided into two distinct areas: Digital Pavilion or digital pavilion, which has a studio for live coverage of virtual shows, a center of experience of virtual reality and augmented reality, and called VR Lab, so that professionals to develop professional projects in these technologies.

In addition, the center will have a dedicated education area in which, according to estimates quoted ministry is expected to be at least 2,200 young people between now and 2020.

Kovac also house offices and spaces for startup to develop projects and solutions in these technology areas, and currently has eighteen already installed emerging companies, in addition to R & D laboratory Research Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications (ETRI).

As noted from the ministry, Kovac is an open space for companies and research centers can meet freely to develop content, solutions and projects augmented reality and virtual. In addition, emerging companies based in the center will collaborate with leading technology companies in new developments and is discussing with them the creation of an area specifically dedicated to experimentation.

Moreover, Seoul will host from 28 to 30 June next Virtual Reality Summit 2017, In which major companies, experts and developers gather at this conference, which will also feature an exhibition area and will serve to establish such relationships will research and collaboration.

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By • 21 Feb, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Training, Business, Augmented reality

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