This professional cable allows the deployment signal transmission in both ultra-high resolution video cameras, audio or control systems, whether in big events facilities or mobile units.

When it comes to transmission of high resolution signals 4K or 8K even the star definition is Ultra High Definition - UHD, a new standard that is replacing high speed Full-HD which is normally used. In this line, wiring specialist and professional technical connections Sommer Cable It has developed a solution which responds to this requirement.

En concreto, el nuevo Transit MC 3202 HD es un potente cable combinado para la implementación de UHD que, como señala Pascal Miguet, product & sales manager de Sommer Cable, “ya sea en grandes eventos, en unidades móviles o en la instalación de estudio, la tecnología UHD está en pleno desarrollo. Su resolución es superior a la Full-HD, lo que representa a menudo un desafío para el cableado de equipos de producción de radiodifusión, como cámaras, monitores o estaciones de edición. Con este fin hemos desarrollado este nuevo cable, idóneo siempre que se necesite una transmisión estable de señales UHD”.

This hybrid new cable UHD-SDI 'three in one extended' existing in the range of company products combined fiber optic cables. Transit HD 3202 MC meets three UHD (BNC), two digital audio (XLR three contacts) and supply chamber (eg XLR four contacts) in a single, compact cable.

In addition, Transit MC 3202 HD is flexible, easily rolled and is recommended for long-distance transmissions for its low attenuation values. This new cable is available pre-assembled and ready to connect.

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By • 21 Feb, 2017
• Section: Accessories, Distribution signals, Production

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