The new Emergency Operations Center (COE) from Lisbon Airport this solution has to play interactive monitoring, through a videowall in configuration 2 × 4, to manage and control any incident at this facility.

ANA - Airports of Portugal You selected the system Sony Vision Presenter for the visual management of the new Center for Emergency Operations (COE) from Lisbon Airport, which have been integrated modern facilities 'future-proof' so that in critical situations can coexist all the functionality and interactivity with maximum control and monitoring available to the responsible entities present in the airport premises.

To choose the collaborative and interactive system monitoring, playing through a videowall in configuration 2 × 4, the ANA trust company Ibertelco, Responsible for the supply and integration of Vision Presenter, allowing the COE have a visual matrix inputs and layouts available for dynamic and interactive presentations.

Sony Vision Presenter is an intuitive and flexible system, both for simple configuration to their operational, regarding management systems of traditional videowall, which offers versatile inputs with replicability and control files, websites, videos, Laptop Mirror, physical and remote cameras, etc; and distribution of multiplatform broadcast.

Características de PWA-VP100K1 – Vision Presenter Kit HDMI x4 input:

  • System preinstalled twenty presentation layouts and various physical inputs (up to ten logical inputs for layout).
  • Possible contents in the ten logical inputs: Office documents; PDF, videos, photographs, HDMI Live, Live HD-SDI, web, URLs, Flash, cameras, RTSP, videoconferencing, PC Mirror.
  • flexible and totally agnostic system, both from the point of view of inputs and outputs as the control possible via keyboard and mouse, tablet (Chrome Browser) or pointer.
  • Set for output or four outputs 4K Full HD.
  • Configuration four HD inputs via four HDMI (HDCP).

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By • 22 Feb, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Display, Distribution signals, Security

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