The company has developed two new tools for iPad, MixPad and OneMix that optimize the management and monitoring of this console. It has also released a firmware update to improve the functionality and processing capabilities of the system, and has incorporated a series of expansions for the S Class series.

Allen & Heath It has launched two iPad applications to enhance the experience of digital mixing system with dLive: dLive MixPad, offering a complete remote control of the live mix, and dLive OneMix, which focuses on personal monitoring.

“MixPad ofrece a los usuarios de dLive la libertad de controlar sobre la marcha, los niveles, la mezcla, la ecualización, la dinámica y los retardos, mientras se recorre el lugar de un evento o el de una instalación. También dispone de un control inalámbrico para una serie de operaciones como la configuración de la mezcla de los monitores de escenario, los ajustes de PA, la comprobación de sonido y de las instalaciones fijas de rack”, comenta Rob Clark, director de investigación y desarrollo de Allen & Heath.

The first application presents an ample control over processing channels, including filters, gates, graphic and parametric EQ, compressors and delays of the inputs and outputs. At the same time, it provides instant access to all faders and mutes available on the table, including faders and mutes DCA, panoramas, aux sends and assignments, as well as control of mic preamps and indicators signal level.

Other features that incorporates the application for configuring the system are: A real-time analyzer (RTA) to facilitate equalization monitors and PA, ease to name and color the different channels, customized layers with drag and drop channel configuration PFL and control channels for monitoring.

DLive OneMix es una versión de la aplicación dLive MixPad que asegura el control a una única mezcla auxiliar de monitores, para dar al músico un dominio individualizado de su monitor personal sin afectar a los otros o a la mezcla principal del FOH. Un usuario puede configurar múltiples iPads de forma que cada uno de los artistas puede disponer de un conjunto personalizado de controles.

It is also possible to connect multiple MixPads to work together with an area of ​​dLive control or the Director software and provide simultaneous control, including independent buses PAFL. This feature allows an engineer to use the control surface for mixing FOH and another an iPad for mixing stage monitors.

Firmware 1.4 and enhancements to Class S

Moreover, coinciding with the launch of the new series of digital tables dLive C Class, Allen & Heath, whose products distributed Audio-Technica Iberia, It has released a firmware update for all dLive mixers, improving the functionality and processing capabilities of the system, along with a series of expansions and improvements of services for customers dLive S Class series.

New features in version 1.4 include advanced with plug-in Dyn8, which provides 4-band dynamic EQ and multiband compression 4 dynamic processing; DCA quick access to channels through the DCA spills function; Virtual Soundcheck quickly and Dimension Chorus effect unit FX Rack.

They have also added new added to the array of integrated plugins DEEP, comprising the plug-in Peak Compressor / Limiter 76, a classic compressor emulation, in addition to the Multi-Stage Ducking processor. Another new feature in version 1.4 is the option to display a third separate window on an external monitor.

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By • 22 Feb, 2017
• Section: Audio, Control

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