Gran Vía these days has become a center of avant-garde art where works of Adriana Bustos, Sebastian Diaz Morales and Eugenia Calvo shown. Three video productions playing with attractive awakening zoom an image in slow motion, a substance diluted in a glass or swinging lamp hanging from a ceiling.

From yesterday until February 26, the Cines Callao screens have become the showcase of art and passers present the works of three Argentine artists these days exhibit their creations at the 36th edition ArcoMadrid.

It is a new commitment to culture Callao City Lights, Company that manages external screens Cines Callao, who has given these spaces ArcoMadrid to publicize some of the artists in this edition of the art fair, which this year has Argentina as its guest country.

‘Entrevista a Fátima’ (2014), de Adriana Bustos; ‘Insight’ (2012), de Sebastián Díaz Morales, y ‘El dominio del mundo’ (2014), de Eugenia Calvo, podrán verse en la Plaza del Callao, a cada hora en punto, entre las ocho y las once de la noche. Tres producciones de vídeo que juegan con el atractivo que despierta una imagen en zoom a cámara lenta, una sustancia diluyéndose en un vaso o una lámpara oscilante colgada de un techo.

El vídeo de ‘Entrevista a Fátima’ muestra cómo una fracción de cocaína se separa de las sustancias de adulteración dentro de un vaso con lavandina doméstica. Prueba casera que suelen realizar los dealers para medir el grado de pureza de la sustancia. Una pieza con la que la artista quiere denunciar la difícil situación de las mujeres que han sido utilizadas en el tráfico de drogas.

In 'Insight' the power of the image is used in slow motion zoom, as a way to attract the viewer's attention. The production of the reflection of some lights in the lens of a camera image to end the production team is working with her. A recording in which the mixed tribute to the old dark chambers of photography with a critical mind to the media today.

Finally, 'World domination' is a loop playback of motion of a chandelier swaying as if it were a pendulum, without ever stopping.

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By • 23 Feb, 2017
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