Drone attend classes for training in mathematics, physics, robotics or geography is a reality in this school, they have observed that learn using these devices increases concentration and attention of students, in addition to collaboration.

Responsible for Brains International Schools They have taken a step in the introduction of new technologies in classrooms with the application of drones to learn disciplines such as mathematics, robotics or geography. From 21 until 23 of this month, these devices focus star Unmanned flight classes and the attention of the students of this school.

"Innovation is one of the key pieces of teaching the future. It must be a priority for teachers to use some tools adapted to the present and not the past assures David Gómez, coordinator of the department of innovation Brains International Schools-. On a practical level in the classroom, the drones are very well perceived tool for students with which we can deepen the understanding of the components of the aircraft, flight power, mechanics, mathematics, aerodynamics, electronics, communications, trigonometry, etc. ".

Five concepts that can be learned with drones

Among the many applications that have drones in different sectors, also emphasizes education, with benefits for students and teachers, with teaching adapted to innovation and new technologies. These are some of the concepts:

Math and trigonometry: learn the Pythagorean theorem or the relationship between the triangular elements and spherical no longer so tedious. Figures and theoretical cases jump from the board to the drones, through which students understand and retain knowledge better.

Design, technology and electronics: each is more common in academic curricula include subjects related to the design, application of new technologies in classrooms and electronic learning content that allow actively involve students in their own learning and develop scientific and engineering intuition.

Topography and geography: Drones are now one of the key tools they are using professionals to develop urban planning, environment, agriculture and mainly for creating new maps for browsers.

Programming and robotics: both disciplines promote active learning, the development of research skills and problem solving, and can enhance self-taught qualities of students.

Teamwork: Learning through drones is formulated to be developed by teams, as being made up of thousands of parts, which involve separate areas of knowledge as model airplanes, 3D printing, electronics and robotics need to build a coordinated group.

"Educating excellence requires us to have the latest developments and innovations to teach Siglo XXI and tools that are or may be part of the daily lives of students in the future. Drones are another tool that is beginning to be introduced in the classroom, as has already been done with computers, whiteboards or tablets, "says Gomez.

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By • 23 Feb, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Training

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