The global meeting business 4 Years From Now (4YFN), created for the community of technology startups driven by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ​​will be the first to broadcast live streaming through collaborative recording of this emerging company, which aims to transform the audiovisual communication events multitudinous.

In the framework of Mobile World Congress 2017To be held in Fira Barcelona from 27 to 1 of next March, and specifically in the international meeting of entrepreneurs 4YFNThe startup Watchity will present a pioneering recording collaborative platform will show its advantages in scoop with the live broadcast this event live streaming business.

Currently, this startup seeks a new round of investment of 400,000 euros, which would add to the more than 500,000 euros from State aid and the European Union has already achieved.

Consumption of online video has grown 800% in the past six years and now accounts for 50% of total Internet traffic, percentage could rise to 90% in 2018. It is therefore not surprising that Live streaming is already a fundamental means and professionals from all walks tool and one of the main sources of digital entertainment to users participating and sharing more video content from their mobile devices.

In this context, video creation remains costly for organizations, especially in the field events because it requires advanced audiovisual equipment, facilities and trained personnel. While high degree of participation of the people who create and share their own videos can generate a revolution in the creation and dissemination of such content for companies and organizations.

One of the problems is that users use various apps and social networks to create and share live video in their private environments, leaving all this content out of the reach of organizations interested in capturing for their own use.

In order to solve it, Watchity is a platform for collaborative recording that promises to transform audiovisual communication, as it allowed easy, fast and economical way of large amounts of video content live to be used with business objectives in any type organization or event.

Con Watchity, cualquier organización puede conseguir la colaboración de usuarios particulares y/o profesionales para que aporten vídeo en tiempo real desde sus móviles, cámaras profesionales y cámaras de acción. La plataforma agrega y sincroniza todos estos vídeos para mostrar diferentes perspectivas sobre un evento gracias al player multi-cámara que, además, es controlado por el espectador, quien decide qué cámaras desea ver en cada momento.

Precisely to demonstrate its advantages, this technology will be used to broadcast the event live streaming 4YFN collaboratively, the first of its kind worldwide. The collaboration will be open to anyone present at this event, from the staff of the organization itself, to exhibitors, accredited journalists and visitors, and can be followed through this link. The broadcast will take place live during all days of the event, but also may be delayed.

Este nuevo concepto de grabación colaborativa ha despertado un gran interés, incluso antes de su lanzamiento. Así, Watchity ha logrado más de medio millón de euros en financiación en los últimos meses. Además de la aportación realizada por los socios fundadores (35.000 euros), la plataforma ha conseguido un préstamo Emprendetur I+D de 211.000 euros de Segitur (Secretaria de Estado de Turismo), del Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital, así como tres líneas de subvención de diferentes organismos.

As Albert Rodes, CEO and cofounder of Watchity, currently are seeking a new round of investment of 400,000 euros he explains. "We are convinced that it will lead to a disruption in the way viewers consume audiovisual content associated with an event, since greatly reduce production costs and creation of content and give control to the viewer for a custom viewing experience ".

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By • 23 Feb, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Distribution signals, Events, Business, Production, Networks

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