It is a media player based on Intel Xeon processor the offers flexibility, security and performance, while consolidating the workload in digital signage applications. Designed in an ultra small form factor, this team is capable of handling content UHD 3 independent displays and up to 4 external hard drives Sata.

In an ultra-small, AOpen format, which distributes brand Verybox, Designed the DE7400XE with the processor Intel Xeon E3 v5 and up to 32 GB DDR4 memory. It is capable of handling content UHD 3 independent displays and up to 4 external hard drives Sata. It supports full video decoding HEVC (H.265) and includes mini SAS connector to connect 4 devices Sata, RAID 0,1,5,10, JBOD (depending on Sata devices), dual 1Gb LAN, two HDMI and an mDP to bring the content UHD screens. It can be used as a standalone system (standalone) or modular (cluster or blade).

This solution AOpen is designed to add more capacity to the market of digital signage and conquer vertical markets such as video surveillance, data storage and processing Edge / Fog.

The amount of data generated by IoT applications is outpacing the capacity of networks located in data centers and cloud infrastructures. Decision making in real time is key and demand analysis technologies localized data, storage, video surveillance and processing that can not be covered by the legacy cloud technologies.

IoT market has begun to seek ways to expand cloud features with recoding and streaming solutions, remote management, analysis and high performance computing. This can maximize investments in the business environment by providing new interactive experiences to customers.

AOpen is working with Intel to define standards to consolidate the workload of IoT applications and deliver new applications between cloud and client architectures.

"AOpen is important to work with partners to offer the best market tools, providing devices and services. We are working with Intel to incorporate the latest technology in our devices, combined with a deep knowledge of the sector. This helps us improve our product line and we have the control to change any element when needed, "says Stephen Borg, Global Chief Digital Officer of AOpen.

To consolidate workload environment high-end digital signage, video surveillance, analysis, virtualization and SQL Server development, Aopen has developed a system based on Intel Xeon processor Digital Engine DE7400XE.

"The Specification Reference Design Intel Visual Data encourage retailers, smart classrooms and other industries to rethink business models using video technologies and digital signage. With products like DE7400XE AOpen, based on the design specification reference visual data from Intel, consumers will enjoy more immersive experiences companies using video and audio high-performance, data-based information, collaboration and interactivity " said Jose Avalos, Director for Global Retail and Digital Signage Visual Intel.

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By • 24 Feb, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Security

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