For the second year goes to Fira de Barcelona where he is providing its solutions for pollution control in cities, efficient water management, precision agriculture, industry 4.0 and parking, and health. In addition, it will show various initiatives undertaken jointly with its partner ecosystem.

The Spanish company Libelium He has attended the Mobile World Congress (MWC), que se está celebrando en Barcelona hasta el 2 de marzo, con su última tecnología de sensores para el Internet de las Cosas (IoT). Este es el segundo año consecutivo que participa con un stand propio dentro del Pabellón IoT en el que mostrará su gran variedad de soluciones para el control de la contaminación en ciudades, la gestión eficiente del agua, agricultura de precisión, industria 4.0 y parking y salud.

La novedad que presenta en esta edición es su nueva plataforma de sensores de IoT que está certificada y ofrece importantes mejoras tanto en los dispositivos de captación de datos Waspmote and Plug & Sense!, como en el router Meshlium. La tecnología de esta nueva generación de productos es más rápida, más precisa, permite ahorrar energía y es compatible con los últimas protocolos de comunicación y servicios cloud del mercado.

The main changes include the platform for smart cities, a device that improves the accuracy of measuring noise levels and has sensors that monitor pollution and air quality to combat climate change and prevent health impact of the citizens. Libelium has improved the design of its sensors according to EU control and prevention of noise and the environment.

Also, the Aragonese company displays the latest launched new market for precision agriculture, water management, smart parking, health monitoring, etc.

joint developments

Five companies belonging to Libelium partner ecosystem, on the stand solutions developed together.

Thingworx It shows a demo implemented in three different areas of Boston (in the city center, in an industrial area and a residential neighborhood) to control and calculate the air quality index. The platform includes alerts to report when air quality is reaching levels harmful to health and can perform corrective actions. exposes a smart management solution to improve and simplify remote monitoring of water quality in rivers, seas, lakes or even water fish farms. The platform can store, display in real time and alert data series in certain time frames of each of the connected devices.

For its part, Telit displays a live demonstration of its portal IoT and its platform for the Internet of Things Industrial (IIoT) to collect data from multiple sensor platforms Waspmote Plug & Sense! Libelium located in the Telit booth. These are connected wirelessly to the gateway Meshlium to display the data on the platform of Telit in real time.

Rosecroft is a historic building located in San Diego (California). There Communicator Total Solutions has developed a 'living laboratory' Libelium sensors to monitor air quality and collect agricultural and parking data. The company displays data streaming platform Spark Compass.

Arrow He has conducted a simulation of a smart city based on the sensor platform Waspmote Plug & Sense! and exposes cases of real applications that reveal the detection and response capabilities of the platform of the company.

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By • 27 Feb, 2017
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