The legendary keyboard player uses the Qu-32 digital mixer for concerts, while the American indie-rock band makes use of digital mixing console dLive S Class to manage the operational needs of monitoring their tour.

Keyboardist and composer Rick Wakeman, best known as one of the components of the legendary band 'Yes', is currently on tour with singer Jon Anderson (also a founding member of the group) and guitarist Trevor rapeseeds.

A musical tour called ARW, for which Wakeman has chosen a Qu-32 digital mixer Allen & Heath (Whose products sold in Spain and Portugal Audio-Technica Iberia) To complete their stage equipment manufacturer whose products he has to rely on previous occasions, such as digital mixing systems dLive that have been commissioned to manage FOH and monitors several of his solo concerts.

El equipo de Wakeman en el escenario incluye once teclados (unos modernos y otros clásicos); cuatro módulos de sonido y un mezclador digital Qu-32 de Allen & Heath, que proporciona un nuevo nivel de control a la actuación de Wakeman. Antes, el artista contaba con una mesa de mezclas analógica, con funciones básicas de DSP, pero ahora las escenas que ofrece Qu-32 mezclan y direccionan teclados específicos hacia la consola FOH, junto a efectos DSP seleccionados para ayudar a crear el personalísimo estilo interpretativo de Wakeman en cada canción.

El ingeniero Erik Jordan controla el equipo de Wakeman utilizando un complejo sistema MIDI, diseñado especialmente para esta gira, que cuenta como elemento central con un patch bay MIDI Sycologic M16 que actúa como controlador master. A medida que evoluciona la actuación de Wakeman, él mismo utiliza un sencillo teclado para seleccionar diversas configuraciones de Sycologic, cada una de las cuales envía comandos MIDI específicos a los teclados de Wakeman y al mezclador Qu-32, en un complejo ‘baile’ que reconfigura la totalidad el sistema para la siguiente canción.

“Para cualquier fuente de sonido y para cualquier canción -explica Jordan- podemos ajustar la ganancia de entrada y direccionamiento de la señal; la EQ; puertas de ruido y compresores y tres o cuatro efectos diferentes. Es vital que el mezclador responda de forma muy rápida y uniforme, y Qu-32 lo hace muy bien”.

For this engineer, DSP This digital mixer Allen & Heath is optimal, "which allowed nosha simplify Rick equipment, eliminating many external effects. In all aspects, the Qu is a phenomenal console. It is completely reliable and surprisingly powerful, which behaves as mixers costing ten times. I just plug it in and I started working immediately ".

Rick Wakeman, "Qu-32 has become a fundamental part of my team. It gives me complete control over the mixture and shape the sound like any of my instruments. This console opens new possibilities for my music. "

'Local Natives' with dLive

In their successful series of concerts by the United States and Europe, 'Local Natives' American indie-rock band based in Los Angeles, has relied on the system digital mixing dLive S Class, also the manufacturer Allen & Heath, to manage operational monitoring needs.

As a promotion of his third studio album, called 'Sunlit Youth' monitor engineer Laurence Eaves gave the five members of the band twelve separate monitor mixes, in-ear and through wedges 48 sources present in the scenario, using for this an area dLive S5000 with a modular rack mixing and processing dLive MixRack DM64.

To accommodate these changes, Eaves use scenes of dLive parareajustar microphones while the musicians change their position on stage and reconfigure the blends. Also it uses the recovery dLive filters to quickly modify the scenes when the situation requires.

On the other hand, it maintains both microphones often used as direct shipments in the upper layers of the dLive and placed reverb shipments and the main outputs of the wedges and in-ear monitors in the lower layers.

Eaves uses reverberation dLive 'plate' for each member of the band and some reverbs 'plate' and 'hall' to the box and toms. At the same time, use the tube preamp two stages which emulates the harmonics of the válvulas- on bass and drums microphones. As for the dynamics and delay equalizer incorporating the system, the battery applies, as well as other sources. A Dante card installed in the S5000 surface allows digital multitrack recording and Virtual Soundcheck Eaves uses the option to set each performance.

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