Organized by SMART Technologies and Siena Group, on this day there have been successful projects in training and educational centers in Madrid that demonstrate how technology is a tool in the service of student learning, as well as a way of integration and openness to society.

A project to learn how to increase biodiversity through geolocation; a training center to teach using Minecraft history of architecture; an emotional robot to play a sustainable ecosystem, as well as a school that has managed to reduce absenteeism and increase student achievement through Cooperative Multitasking Classrooms have been some of the examples that have been shown in the conference organized by SMART Technologies and Siena group.

Entitled 'motivation, learning and technology', this event was held yesterday at the Harley space Madrid, he served as a meeting point for reflecting on the introduction of technology in schools, with success stories and good practices by companies and schools, in which innovative experiences based on this new learning model showed.

Gorka Otxoa, director of InnorMadrid (Association for the promotion of innovation in North Madrid) opened the day explaining the situation of R + D + i in Madrid, after following successful cases of companies in the field of education, as TeamLabs, creating a platform for learning labs and innovation that focuses on a radically new methodology based on the Finnish education, learning by Doing and entrepreneurship team for young professionals.

As TechTalents, a center for technology training for students and teachers has developed methodologies ranging from robotics with emotional intelligence and programming so that students learn about their emotions while introduced into the world of The programing; to the creation of interactive maps with conductive paint; through programs like Minecraft or 3D printing technology to develop both scientific and digital competences as linguistic and social in schools.

Another example of an innovative methodology showed on this day was to gamificación through Monster Quiz, a board game that combines the digital environment and the physical, getting transversely students stay focused on the activity carried out to through play.

Through the whiteboard and devices students, this technology allows lead-based game to another level learning, as it is intended for use in all subjects, in isolation or together, always starting from the idea of it will be the students who are responsible for the production of questions and activities that are needed to play with Monster Quiz.

Attendees also learned about the successful project Classroom Cooperative Multitasking, held in the school Padre Piquer in Madrid, recognized as one of the most innovative schools in Spain, with which they have managed to reduce absenteeism and increase academic performance of their students.

For its part, the Arenales College Carabanchel district explained his project Mobile Learning, as well as the implementation of a plan for innovation in curricula and implementation of methodologies as called based learning thought (TBL) and Projects (PBL), Flipped Classroom, cooperative and collaborative learning, multiple intelligences, etc.

‘Aumentando la biodiversidad’ es el nombre del proyecto que presentó el Colegio San Antonio y San Ramón, en el que alumnos de 6º de Primaria han utilizado tecnologías como realidad aumentada, geolocalización y GSuite for Education haciendo un recorrido por animales extintos y trabajando de modo colaborativo; al que se suma el proyecto ‘Las cartas de los ecosistemas’, junto con el Colegio Base de Madrid, que cuenta con el apoyo del ‘robot emocional’ Aisoy.

The International School SEK-El Castillo analyzed the gradual introduction of technology in the classroom, since the introduction of the PC to the co-creation and culture maker today. The director of the Montserrat College of Barcelona, ​​Nuria Miró mother said good practice center "students currently seeking two things: connect with others and information about their interests. The school challenge is how to convert and integrate this into learning. "

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By • 2 Mar, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Display, Events, Training, Augmented reality

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