Twelve of the working committees that has this association have prepared and submitted the document 'Top Trends 2017', in which digital business keys are displayed and references are provided to the market value and advertisers.

The Association of advertising, marketing and digital communication in Spain, IAB Spain, Presented 'Top Digital Trends 2017', a document produced by twelve of the nineteen committees working this entity with the aim of showing the keys to digital business in 2017 and provide an overview of the market (can be downloaded here link).

As Antonio Traugott, CEO of IAB Spain explains, "there are many 'top trends' in the market, but the main value of this document is that it has been prepared by the main sectors that make up the digital business, from a point objectively and with the intent to give clues market value and advertisers based on their professional experience and knowledge ".

online audio

On demand consumption experience tremendous growth and an increase in advertising audio program will occur. Brands provide more and more content in podcast format, which also wants to introduce this year the social network Facebook.


The marks are to be converted mainly on experiences, since 2017 is the year of simplicity in branding, with messages more personal and flexible to evolve by listening to customers and employees.

Content & native advertising

More and more brands are taking the opportunity to manage their own audiences. And thanks to technology, the media have the ability to serve the user the content that is relevant at the right time.


Audience measurement in real time, with agility when creating and launching advertising campaigns converts the digital signage in a medium with great potential to be adapted to the advertising model of programmatic buying.


Payments start to become more and more frequently from your mobile phone, so a proliferation of opening physical stores traditionally online retailers like Amazon Go will take to complete its customer service.

Technological innovation

After a strong performance in 2016, virtual reality consolidate end of this year. In addition, users have shown they are prepared to use this technology, which will become a powerful tool extended communication.

Measurement of audiences

Probability systems, macheando ID's with cookies, help identify individuals with more than one device Internet access throughout your day and improve the effectiveness of multi-device impact.


Remember that Google optimized in late 2016 its algorithm for mobile searches have greater relevance than desktops, due to increased use of these devices. Most traffic will be via mobile, so you need to create specific user experiences for these systems, as the marks to ignore it will be left out and reduced results.

Programmatic & date

The availability of native formats also through program channels will finally be a reality this year. Buying 'data one-to-one' between brands is key, in which the user information is the exclusive property of the user.

Social networks

There is a great attraction for the contents of limited duration which stand out and entice users into a full ecosystem of noise. The challenge for brands could be in identifying leaders of groups of friends, small 'microinfluencers' that can be much more credible. The videos will remain protagonists, especially those who perform live, as bidirectional channel.

connected TV

Efforts will focus on getting the best possible experience and integrate the devices into a common ecosystem. there are no channels, there are now platforms that put content to the user to consume freely

video online

Periscope, Facebook Live or Snapchat lead the new era of 'engagement', defined by video made, hyper-relevant real-time. The vertical video experience an increase, especially driven by apps, easy and convenient for users, but will require a new vision by experts.

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By • 3 Mar, 2017
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