After holding ISE 2017, the wholesaler has expanded its portfolio with new products presented at the fair by their represented. In addition, it has added to its catalog RGBlink drivers and projectors; and management solutions IDK signal.

Charmex He has returned to ISE 2017, the fair for the audiovisual integration sector with a full range of solutions from its represented brands in Amsterdam as Christie, Neets, NovaStar, Samsung, Sharp, Unilumin, Vivitek and wePresent: besides incorporating two new brands: RGBlink e IDK.

RGBlink is an Asian company that is dedicated to develop LED display drivers, solutions mapping systems, devices for broadcast, video conferencing and video wall controllers, and projectors; while IDK is a Japanese manufacturer of management solutions added value signal. The company develops video over IP solutions 60Hz 4K 4: 4: 4, Multi Switcher 60Hz 4K 4: 4: 4, total solutions HDBaseT and multi-signal arrays up to 64 × 64.

Christie GS

Christie, One of the brands represented by Charmex, introduced a new model of laser projector 1DLP phosphorus, 559GS 5,000 lumens with improved colorimetry and cost reduction in equipment and lenses. He also presented the 0.38 lens compatible with the products of the GS (5,000-8,000 lumens) Series.

In the 3DLP range, unveiled the model 4K20 Boxer and exhibited content servers with the new Pandoras Box server Server Octo eight outputs and the new Pandoras Box software version V6.

Neets: sistema de control

The Danish manufacturer of control systems Neets It presented its Quebec Pro control system, which allows automation of a room. The selection of the input signals as the lighting of the various devices are activated by connecting the computer video signal.

The next novelty that showed was the new system TanGo control, which allows easy integration with touchpads both iOS, Android and Neets Touch Panel, as well as having a wide connectivity with voltage output 4 relays, 8 I / O 5 serial and IR ports.

Finally, the Danish manufacturer ISE launched in the Neets Touch Panel 7-inch panel, which offers the ability to customize the control functions of a wide range of control systems Neets. The display has an innovative active when it detects that our proximity proximity sensor. By providing PoE power, no need to have an external power supply. An ideal solution for the most demanding environments.

Novastar: Control Led screens

For its part, Novastar He presented its new series of Phobos products for configuration and control LED screens, marking with this new series of processors and receiving cards before and after the LED display configuration.

Also unveiled the new Led R5 processor coupled to the receiver card A8 will, among other things, free rotation of content for creating spectacular displays and content management with up to 18 bits of color depth.

In addition, Smart LCT presented the new version of software for the management of LED screens coming to replace Nova LCT Mars, which can be used with any processor Novastar. It is available for Mac and Windows, and presents a new more friendly and intuitive interface.

Another significant developments that occurred in the booth Novastar was the MCTRL4k processor with 16 outputs signal management for LED displays, which facilitates the configuration screens pixel pitch low, simplifying installation and deployment of screens Led high Format. One of its features is that it implements a new anti-tearing of Novastar technology, ensuring that the content is always fully synchronized through its 16 outputs.

Samsung: 'Your future. Onscreen'

On the side Samsung, la compañía lanzó un mensaje claro al mercado de su visión a corto medio plazo, en línea con el lema que centró su participación en el certamen: ‘Tu futuro. En pantalla’, y que replicó en sus dos grandes lanzamientos: las pantallas QLed Signage UHD, que integran nanopartículas Quantum dot capaces de mostrar distintos colores según su tamaño, y los displays Led de la serie IF, con una pequeña distancia entre píxeles y un innovador diseño del cabinet.

The LED displays of the IF series with pixel pich 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 mm, they incorporate a set of custom functions with which the brand wants to offer realism and detail to static and interactive content, as the system itself performs analyzes and intelligent brightness adjustment and levels of gray scale within each frame. The result is a higher contrast, while glare and visual distortion is eliminated.

Sharp renews its line

Meanwhile, for Sharp ISE 2017 supuso la primera gran exposición europea de la compañía desde su alianza con Foxconn, mostrando una transformada línea de productos, entre los que destacó el videowall de 70 pulgadas, el más grande disponible en el mercado. La mitad de su stand se dedicó a productos interactivos para salas de juntas y aulas, incluyendo las nuevas pantallas Big Pad de 70 (PN-70SC5) y 80 pulgadas (PN-80SC5), que incluyen la tecnología Direct Bonding para una mejor visualización y experiencia táctil.

Sharp also launched its first interactive touch screen 40-inch Big Pad, PN-40TC1 for small meetings and interactive signage applications. In digital signage, he exhibited the new range of large screen size PN-Q, designed for meeting rooms and other commercial signage applications. It is available in formats 60 to 90 inches.

As it regards the doftware offers its own free software Signage, Digital Signage, as standard on the new system chip (SoC) and also makes available its Android platform for software providers.

Unilumin: fixed installation and rental

Unilumin acudió a ISE con un gran stand en el que presentó sus nuevas soluciones de instalación fija y productos de alquiler. Entre sus innovadoras soluciones se pudo ver la serie UpanelS, que presenta un nuevo concepto de pantalla Led en el que los propios paneles pueden ser controlados y monitorizados, idóneos para entornos en el que la fiabilidad es un aspecto importante.

He also exhibited screens Upad III series, established as a model for indoor and outdoor solutions for the rental market. Manufacturing with high-quality offers great stability and allows for spectacular images in any of its versions. With its aluminum cabinet format 50 × 50 cm, offers great flexibility for mid-screens. Available accessories to bend the panel to different degrees, as was shown in the display at the display stand.

projection Vivitek

In projection, Vivitek ISE introduced a new range of laser projectors that includes a range of equipment ultra short distance to teams of up to 10,000 ANSI lumens. Its laser technology allows computers to run up 20,000 hours in intensive uses, without changing the light source.

The D760 series projectors are ultra short distance teams, panoramic, which render an image of a meter wide at less than 30 centimeters away from the projection surface. Facilities at reduced or requiring avoid shadows of trainers, presenters or public spaces are best suited for this type of projector.

Los equipos que componen las serie D7000/8000 están orientados a instalaciones que no permitan tener la luz de una sala o recinto tan controlada, ya que está integrada por un amplio abanico de equipos de hasta 10.000 ANSI lúmenes. Además, disponen de gran rango de lentes intercambiables para ubicar el equipo en distintas circunstancias. El modelo DK8500Z, además de ser un equipo láser de 7500 ANSI lúmenes, dispone de resolución 4K para una máxima calidad de imagen.

Vivitek also presented at the fair the new Novoconnect Enterprise collaboration system, a device that joins the family Novoconnect formed by the Novoconnect and NovoPRO system. This is a more powerful product, with better processor, more memory and extended wireless capabilities, thanks to the integrated antennas. This allows the image sent more fluid and use of the device, more agile.

In this release Launcher Plus, a USB device that allows you to connect any PC to NovoPRO or Enterprise system adds touch of a button, without previous configurations, resulting in an easy and simple experience for any guest to a meeting room .

wePresent anticipates the future

For its part, wePresent He presented the hardware WICS-2100 and the Management Suite tool. WICS-2100 anticipates the future, providing an intuitive user interface, designed to select and quickly share connected devices, offering previews of what users have on their screens before selecting.

The controls for interacting with the blackboard / annotation have been modified to make them more effective and powerful. It has worked to create the best possible platform for collaborative groups, able to adapt quickly to user input and allow conversations among many and partnerships are more easily made.

More information about these products in our:

Especial ISA 2017

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