The Blu: An Underwater VR Experience is a temporary exhibition, created by Wevr, in collaboration with scientists at the museum and film director Jake Rowel, which takes the visitor to explore the wonders of the seabed, to learn about some of the most impressive species on Earth.

Opened in 1913, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles It is the largest of its kind located in the Western United States and its collection includes almost 35 million specimens and artifacts spanning 4,500 million years of history, and shown in permanent exhibits occupy three floors of the building.

This museum also organizes temporary exhibitions such as The Blu: An Underwater Experience VR, a sample having the virtual reality as a protagonist. This exhibition, which has just opened and will remain open until April 28, offers an immersive adventure that makes the visitor feel as if underwater, showing the majesty of the ocean and its different habitats.

In this exhibition of six minutes, he embarks visitors on a spectacular journey under the ocean waters, allowing you to explore a sunken ship and marine life that develops around them, including an encounter with a blue whale 24 meters.

Tras esto puede caminar por un arrecife de coral donde se puede interactuar con las anémonas de mar y medusas; y terminar el viaje con una inmersión hasta el fondo del océano para ver criaturas bioluminiscentes.

“Es fantástico ver a todas esas criaturas y no tener que estar bajo el agua, ni pasar frío, y llegar a zonas que sería casi imposible llegar buceando en la vida real. Los visitantes pueden ver de cerca los animales, en particular la ballena y la tortuga, interactuar con las medusas y ver cómo responden. La experiencia es científicamente muy exacta y hace un buen trabajo al replicar lo que se siente bajo el agua, mientras estás allí de pie, cálido y seco”, explica Chris Thacker, NHMLA Fish Curator.

Before starting the experience, visitors can see on display the different species and see projections of coral reefs. Then have five 'pods' in the gallery, each containing a pair of glasses HTC Lives. It also has a seating area where you can, in real time, see on a monitor streaming this underwater experience.

The study of virtual reality WevrIn collaboration with scientists from the museum and film director Jake Rowell they have been responsible for this immersive experience that allows you to dive into the deep sea without getting wet. Only virtual reality glasses are required.

The entire project is an experience developed nearly 30 minutes as AR content for HTC, which has been shown at various film festivals such as Sundance. The museum is using a specially created six-minute version, and mammalogy collections manager, Jim Dines, was involved in its development to ensure the accuracy of the exeperiencia.

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By • 7 Mar, 2017
• Section: Augmented reality, Simulation

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