The new digital signage solution based on the concept of Dj3 iMenu.TV Networks, has been installed in the premises located in the center of Siete Palmas Canary Islands and is composed of 8 monitors NEC X464UNV-2 46-inch vertically oriented. It also has a multizone graphic template with 8k resolution, managed through the Scala software platform.

Maxipizza pizza chain installed on site, which has recently opened in the shopping area of ​​Siete Palmas in Las Palmas, a modern Digital Menu Board based on the solution iMenu.TV Dj3 Networks. This company has been responsible for the supply, installation and commissioning of the display system.

The Digital Menu Board has a total of 8 monitors NEC X464UNV-2 46-inch vertically oriented and aligned forming a Digital menu of more than 4.5 meters long. These displays have a super thin frame that enables continuous display content between screens. This feature, coupled with its reliability, makes them especially useful in such facilities.

For this project we designed a multizone graphic template with 8k resolution, managed through the software platform Scala. Each screen can act as an independent element, showing a specific content or grouped with other synchronously to view videos and animations large.

One of the main features and developments in this deployment template is the distribution of multiple layers that incorporate transparency Alpha channels, allowing generate spectacular transition effects between different content areas ensuring greater media impact.

With this project, Maxipizza pursuing replacement of traditional panels printed menu for a more flexible and powerful solution with ability to update all the information in real time and at a much lower cost. Now the new store features a new platform for communication and promotion to its customers, at the same time very attractive for brands working with the chain.

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iMenu.TV is the concept of dynamic communication and digital advertising DJ3 Networks has developed for application in the catering sector. This solution allows for a striking Digital Menu Board that replaces traditional signage, increasing sales, capturing consumer attention at the time of the decision to purchase and maintain control over the entire process of real-time communication.

This new concept allows the presentation of dynamic and engaging all manner of dishes and inform customers about the products and services catalog distributing information to large format screens strategically located on site.

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By • 10 Mar, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Dynamic advertising

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